M.A.C Makeup - Starflash Haul

Hi Bellas!

On Thursday I headed over to MAC during my lunch break like I usually do when there is a new release. While I was there, I also picked up a large pack of MAC wipes, some brush cleanser, zoomlash mascara (my first time trying MAC mascara) and some blacktrack fluidline for my bestie to try for the first time.

Let's start off with the Starflash Collection:

I'm definitely an eyeshadow kind of girl so I was really excited about this collection. Off hand, I will say that I wasn't amazed by the color selection. I like colors that are super bright and vibrant--the brighter the better. But after closer examination, I realized that this collection of 12 eyeshadows has some great colors...especially if you're trying to build your collection. I picked up 9 of the 12 eyeshadows. I skipped out on lotus land (too sheer), star by night (dupeable), and go (dupeable). The texture of these shadows are super creamy and really easy to blend. I did two different looks this weekend--one neutral and one dramatic and they were both really easy because of the blendability. I even got compliments from my besties which is harder to come by since I wear soooo many different looks that I think they've become used to it all, lol. I definitely recommend you pick up a few if you don't have similar colors.

Starflash eyeshadows swatched dry with no base: L to R: glamour check!, talent pool, top hat, bold and brazen, grand entrance, mink and sable, sunset b, smoke and diamonds, grand entrance

Next, you know I had to check out the new Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolors.

Especially now that I'm doing bridal work, I need a lipcolor that stays. Usually when I do touch ups, I simply use an oil blotting sheet and touch up the lips. If I can have help on the lips, that will make my job easier. I've tried the pro longwears that MAC released in the past, and I didn't like them. These kind of products tend to dry out the lips and flake out. I tried them on myself and noticed significantly less drying than I expected. I even used them on a bridal shoot this Sunday and noticed that the model's lips stayed pretty moisturized. I've only tried two of these so far, the Boss Brown and Pink Air Duos. I guess I was a bit surprised on how sheer the color looked on me. However, the product does say "lustre" so I guess the color will be more sheer. I've yet to try the two darker glosses but I hope they show up a little brighter. In the video you'll see that I'm wearing Boss Brown and it hardly shows on my lips! However, on my model who was wearing the red reflection color, it definitely showed up. If you're getting these glosses for yourself, make sure to try them on before you purchase to ensure that they are pigmented enough for your taste.

Pro Longwear Lustre Lipcolor: redflame lipcolor with orange flicker gloss, red reflection lipcolor with mirror gloss, boss brown lipcolor with slave to pink gloss, pink air lipcolor with white air gloss.

Kohl Power Pencils are Back...Limited time only

I was really excited about the Kohl Power pencils when I heard that they were being re-released with the collection. I had missed out on them in the past, but not this time! The colors are absolutely gorgeous...perfect for kicking up an eyeshadow look a notch. In terms of staying power, I haven't tried them yet! But i'll keep you updated!

Kohl Power Pencils: L to R - mystery, raven, orpheus, feline

Check out my haul video for more commentary and fun!