Before and After: Smokey Eyes and Red Lips/ Breaking the Rules in Asian Makeup

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to share with you another client before and after.  I love when my clients want to have a little bit of fun with makeup.  I had an Asian client who came to me because she trusted me to work on her Asian features.  It was her birthday and she wanted something outside of her norm.  We went for a fun smokey look.  It's funny because growing up, I heard so many things that you shouldn't do with Asian makeup - don't apply dark colors, don't apply too much eyeliner...well in this post I show you that sometimes you should break those rules.  Check it out!

Image result for liner and lashes

When it comes to smaller eyes which is often the case with Asians, one of the best combination of items you can do to open the eyes is properly utilizing liner (Inglot Gel liner #77 and MAC Feline Kohl Pencil) and lashes.  In this case, I used winged liner technique, mimicked with shadow that helps to create a cat eye shape which elongates the eyes.  The lashes (style 747s) help to open and lift the eye as well.  I brought the liner all around the eye to finish off the smokey look.  In this case, it doesn't close off the eye as the fading shadowing around the liner helps to soften the line as well as create the illusion of a larger eye shape.

Another focus on my client was giving her a nice complexion.  She had some sun damage and I wanted to even her skin tone without making it cakey.  I'm not a huge fan of full coverage that looks flat and thick.  The key is to spot conceal and then apply a lighter base on top - that's how to get the effect of good skin not necessarily a lot of foundation.

We finished the look off with a red lip (Alcone Enduring Lip Color in Cherry Pie).  You'd normally not think to pair a smokey eye with a dramatic lip but in this case it works.  We kept the dark shadows low on the eyelid and used a neutral bronze so as to not overly darken the eye.  If you want a bold eye and lip combo, rock it!  Just make sure to execute it well.

Hope you all enjoyed this post!  More before and afters coming soon!