Asian Makeup: Natural Before and After

Hi Bellas,

Who doesn't love a before and after?  I'm catching up on posting pictures of clients i've done in recent months.  Today i'm showing a very pretty natural makeover on an Asian client.  Oftentimes I do book my Asian clients because as an Asian makeup artist, they trust that I can work with their ethnic features where interestingly enough we still may have different eye shapes.  I think that all makeup artists should be able to work with all faces.  It's all about challenging yourself.  Check out the before and after!

Image result for naked lunch mac

My client had great skin.  She does wear a little bit of makeup day to day but didn't want to try anything to crazy.  She was attending a baby shower so I wanted to keep the look fresh and daytime appropriate.  One of the challenges of doing a lighter makeup look is to still be able to enhance the features and give a pretty makeup without it looking too heavy or going on the opposite side and not applying enough to make it look like you didn't do anything at all.

I went for a very soft, neutral eye with a little bit of definition with lashes (747s style).  I focused on evening out her skin and added a gentle contour to define her features.  I gave her a natural brow fill in with shadow to create fullness but still keeping it soft.

On the lips, I go with the good old mauve combo - pink brown liner, a nude pink lipstick (Alcone Enduring Lipstick in Creme Brulee) and a bit of pink gloss right in the center of the lip.

Hope you guys enjoyed this makeover.  I've got more coming soon, stay tuned!