Deal Alert! Kat Von D Shade and Light Blushes at TJ Maxx

Hi Bellas,

So I wanted to share with you an awesome makeup find.  I was at Marshalls last week and I happened to find some Kat Von D Shade and Light Blushes in the aisle near the check out counter, score!  They were deeply discounted and in perfect condition.  I wanted to share my find with you as well as my thoughts on the blushes so you can see whether or not they're worth checking out.

I lucked out and saw 3 individual Kat Von D Shade and Light Blushes near the check out counter where they put lots of last minute items for you to browse as you're waiting to get checked out.  I grabbed them all!  I didn't see multiples of these blushes so they might not be in great quantity.

The three shades are named after famous couples, top left:  hansel and gretal; top right:  syd and nancy; bottom:  bonnie and clyde.

The packaging itself is nice and sturdy and you get a nice amount of product to choose from.

The blushes are split into lighter side and one darker side; hence the shade and light concept.

I found the swatches to be very creamy, matte textures.  A good amount of pigment but not too intense where you might have issues with blush overload. 

I found that when I swatched them on my cheeks, I preferred applying each blush separately...applying the darker color on cheek and then the lighter color right above it as to do a soft highlight.  I think that on my tan skin the lighter colors run a little ashy so I prefer not to swirl my brush over both as the mix of both blushes also looked a little ashy on me.  But that wouldn't be a problem with light to medium skin tones. 

Overall for $6.99 I thought this was a great deal.  Crazily enough, I could no longer find these blushes on the Kat Von D website or Sephora yet they were released just this year.  The original price point was $18.  Check out your local Marshalls, hope you can score some of your own!