Review: Pur Cosmetics Love Your Selfie 2

Hi Bellas,

I'm finally getting caught up with some of my makeup reviews.  I have some products that I've been loving including some recent additional makeup from Pur Cosmetics.  I was obsessed with their original Love Your Selfie palette, check out my thoughts on Love Your Selfie 2!

First off, I love the concept behind this palette - selfies!  This time, my package even came with a clip on selfie light that you can put on your phone, genius!  I even clip mine to a hand held mirror so I can see my makeup application better.

Here's a comparison with the original Love Your Selfie Palette (on the right).  I find that this palette still has very wearable shades but they got a little more adventurous with color.

The kit comes with the following:
8 eye shadows
Fully charged mascara
Lip Gloss
Matte Lip Pencil
Baking Powder

I'm loving the deeper, more mauve lip shades that come with this palette - it's a great transition into fall.  The matte lip pencil is perfect for lining and completely filling in your lips for that gorgeous matte pout.  I apply a bit of the gloss in the center for some juiciness.

As usual, the eyeshadows are super creamy and easy to blend.  That's why I fell in love with the first version of the palette - the eyeshadows are excellent!  As you can see, you get a mix of matte and shimmer.  I love that you have matte blending and browbone shades to compliment the fun metallic shades which I would pop in the lid and outer v.  Finish off the look with a couple coats of Fully Charged mascara.

You also get a baking powder "Overexposed" which is a very neat idea.  It's actually a pressed highlighter powder which actually brightened up my undereye area nicely without looking ashy.  You might have to use sparingly however if you're a deeper skin tone.  The shimmer highlight "Photogenic" is a nice rose gold shade which I think would look good on everyone.  Lastly, the bronzer "Composition" is a nicely pigmented warm brown shade which works great for bronze or contour.  Their contour shades always surprise me because they are deep enough to contour even on my tan skin.  Just use sparingly.

In all, I think this is another win for Pur Cosmetics.  I actually love combining the shades from this palette with their Pur Selfie Original to kept the perfect mix of colors.  I'm loving the neutral tones in the original as well as the blush...and I can add some more fun shades from the second palette to make my eyes pop and of course that mauve lip is gorgeous.  

You can find this palette retailing for $42 at www.purcosmetics.com