Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Makeup By Ren Ren's Huge Makeup Contest Giveaway!

Hi Bellas,

So today is the day I finally announce my huge contest, woo hoo! I've been waiting for the big day that I reached 10,000 subscribers on You Tube and I finally made it! At this point, I'm actually over 11,000. This month also marks my one year anniversay of my blog! I wanted to do a contest and give out some fab prizes to thank all of my readers and subscribers for supporting me along the way. I really can't express how you guys have been there for me...helping me to push myself and really turn my passion into a career. Thank you so much!

Let me stop before I get too mushy, he he.

Check out my video for the run down:

If you're interested in participating, please read the rules carefully.

Rules and Requirements

  • You must be a subscriber of my youtube page to participate.

  • You must leave a comment under this blog post to tell me that you are participating.

  • This must be your own work! Post a live video response to my Contest Video with your video entry. When I say live video, I do this because many of my blogger friends (Vanessa and Lurve) have had picture theft. I want to ensure that this doesn't happen. You must have a live video and not pictures in a slideshow.

The video entry

  • I want you to make a video imitating my talk, my mannerisms, the music...all while recreating a look that I've done in a previous Youtube Video.

  • Be creative! Making me laugh is a plus.

  • Don't forget the hot music - my boyfriend will also be a judge.

  • I'm also looking at looks and makeup skills that will blow me away. Heck, do it better than I did!


  • I will have 3 winners: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. At least one of the three winners will go to someone who may not be an expert at makeup, but someone who will still make a great effort. This is to encourage those of you who might not think you have the skills to enter...I guarantee at least one makeup beginner will win.

  • The first place winner will have first choice of prize, second place has second choice, and the third place will receive whatever prize is left.

  • This is open to international readers and viewers.


  • You have three weeks to post your video response and leave a comment to tell me you're participating. The deadline is 11:59pm on December 1st, 2008.

  • I will announce a winner by December 15th, 2008. This will give me enough time to review the videos and hopefully have your packages mailed out around Christmas.

Now for the prizes! These are some great makeup and hair goodies. It took me months to bust my bum and collect these for you guys. I know you're going to love them!

Thank you to Beauty, Anastasia.Net, Stars Makeup Haven, Pencil Me in Cosmetics, Pur Minerals, and A Design Brushes for sponsoring this contest!

Each prize pack is worth over $200!

Prize 1:

This prize will also include a Pur Minerals starter kit. This includes a full sized 4 in 1 pressed mineral makeup in your shade, Mineral Glow, Universal Marble Powder in Pink, and the chisel makeup brush.

You'll also receive 2 pairs of false eyelashes, samples of DentaBurst, an ELF facebrush, and from Stars Makeup Haven a tarte coin purse, Hard Candy key chain lipgloss, several makeup brushes, and a sample of Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Prize 2:

In this prize you'll receive a Barbar Flat Iron from, 2 pairs of false lashes, a spinlash mascara, an Anastasia mini brow kit from, and from Stars Makeup Haven, empty tin pans and a Smashbox lipstick, eyeshadow and pot of gloss.

Prize 3:

This set includes 2 pairs of false eyelashes, a Clinique mini starter kit, a Shieseido mini cleansing kit, 5 smokey eye pencils from Pencil Me In Cosmetics, Dessert, Urban Decay and Victoria's Secret lip glosses from Stars Makeup Haven, and a complete 14 brush set from (I want this for myself!)

One more prize!

For those of you who are unable to submit a video, I will be giving away a Pur Minerals Holiday Eyeshadow palette. All you need to do is send me an email at with the subject line "CONTEST" and tell me how Makeup By RenRen has inspired you.

I hope to see a lot of participation, have fun with it! Until next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist


Roxy said...

sounds like so much fun! i think i want to participate =]

veraology said...

oh wow. how exciting :] i might want to do this too! xo

Ashley said...

This is one of the coolest contest ideas I've seen..count me in!

Ashley bras
Youtube: ashleybras


melody said...

thanks for doing the one for those who can't submit a video! :D
i'm one of those =P

thanks!!! :D you're really considerate!

bookmouse99 said...

Oooo Im in.

Must learn to add music to my videos

BeautifulFaces said...

Contest Sounds Great!
I'm definitely participating.


Jessica said...

shocked! participating!

rositaaa said...

ooo count me in. <3

xoxo, Rose
youtube: liveandinc0l0r

Sokar8876 said...

Sounds like fun! Would love to try and redo one of your looks :)

Youtube: sokar8876

.cupcake love. said...

oO ! This sounds like fun !
& I think I already have a video/look in mind :]
Great idea hun :]

Amina said...

wow!!! congratulations on your success and happy birthday to the blog!!
I feel intimidated to do a video but i'll definitely send an email because you're a huge inspiration!

Jaci said...

Awesome, i think i will enter! It sounds like sooo much fun

youtube: jackiejaci

Molly said...

i willl definitely be participating in the contest those brushes looked ah-mazing!!!!
count me in!


MakeupDiva said...

Hey Ren Ren I will doing this contest I have only done two videos and I know EXACTLY what look I will be doing.


Andrea said...

Souns like a challege! all though i am definitly not the best, i dont see the hurt in me trying.. haha... so I will be participating in your contest.

YT account: love4allthings


michelle said...

im definitely going to participate :)

zabzi2006 said...

renren im down for the cause. youtube usr name is zabzi2006.

kristy227 said...

Wow... i love the prize... count me in.... =)

jeSmakeup said...

how interesting and fun but oHhh nooo live video.. i am soOoo damn shy! ima have to passs.. u dont kno how shy i am! haha even camera shy wen friends starts to snap photos of my by myself! but not shy alone... =D

i love those korean style eyelashes.. those r my favorite!

mizzjulayy said...

i would love to join girl!

crystal said...

Im a participate in this contest it will be my first contest and video uploaded on you tube

crystal collazo
youtube: crstl89

crstl89 said...

Im a participate in this contest it will be my first contest and video uploaded on you tube

crystal collazo
youtube: crstl89

Robin said...

sooo awesome!

count me in ;)

youtube: xorobincredible


Charlene said...

I really want to participate! i've learnt a lot from u!


royalfriend2 said...

I'd love to do this! I'm a make up beginer, I just started in makeup this April!


Youtube: Ange1Gur1

T.R. said...

Wow this is a great contest. I wasn't going to do it because one I'm not a make up guru and two I don't have a youtube account.

Well now Ms. Ren you've made me up and join youtube. I was trying to hold out as long as possible. So I guess even though I'm not the best or most artistic makeup person, I'm in. Now I just have to find a camara. LOL


p.s. and I think I know the look I'd like to try. It's kinda daring and bold but I LOVED when you did it and where you got your inspiration from.

royalfriend2 said...

I'd love to do this! I'm a make up beginner, I just started in makeup this April!


Youtube: Ange1Gur1

sweetheart4890 said...

Hey girl! this is sweetheart4890 from you tube.

I been watching you since you won that billy b contest, i loved that look. Im just passing by to say im going to participate in this contest.

I love contests, always challenges me, and this one by far sounds that most challenging, for me at least. Can't wait to start.

Good luck to me!! lol, j/k. I have a tendency of over typing so ttyl.

tonybabeegirl said...

awwww...iam not so good at making video....suck but oh well love u lots...

fashionNmakeupismylove said...

Great contest.
Amazing prizes!!
Thanks for doing this Ren.
I would love to participate =)

Alexis said...

I loveee you,
You have inspired me to do my FIRST video ever!
What better way to start than by entering in your contest!
Im all in!

LindaLady said...

Hey Ren Ren!! I'm sooooo excited to enter your contest! But I have a question.. Do we have to use the exact same products you use? Because I have been able to successfully recreate your looks using Bare Escentuals make up... Please get back at me asap! My youtube username is CoolArrow1516.. I left the same question there. =P But I can't wait to pick a look and recreate it!!

Janice said...

Hi, I'm in for the contest =) just for the shadow palette though. youtube userid = jan1cia

funkymakeupgirl said...

Hi RenRen

I will be participating!!! So much fun!!

Thankies & Congrats on your 11,000 subscribers :) xxx

t a r a said...

Oh I'm soooo in..
it ll be my first one..might not be good but im aiming to make u laugh :p

Mona said...

Yay!! Sounds awesome, I will definitly consider entering this contest!

Youtube: ThePostcardOrg

SKCruz said...

Ooooh! This sounds like a great contest!! I'll be participating in my first ever contest. Althought I am not a guru on youtube, I just started putting up videos. So.. I'll go ahead and start making one! :)

limster17 said...

This is Limster17 on youtube! woo
I'm sooo participating!

mina said...
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makeup987 said...

im in!!


cant wait to make my video

Amy said...

Guuuuuuurl!!!! SO IN! amylouo on youtube!

mina said...

Oops I forgot to add my YT username so I deleted my other comment.

I sent ya an email cause I'm not sure how my video would turn out lol.

tivaevae @ youtube

Thanks Ren!

marnibarney said...

Hi RenRen! I think this is a fun contest. I would love to participate! My YouTube username is marnibarney. LoL. Just like my blog.

Julia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julia said...

Hey Ren those prizes are amazing, congrats on the 10,000 subs! I'll try to enter if I have time for this...

YT: MissChievous

zineb said...

yaayy!! Im totally doing this count me in!! Thx Ren Ren

zineb said...

yayy Im totally doing this count me iin

PiriPiri said...

I'd love to participate! Count me in =D x

Shaeneann said...

Hey RenRen!
Thanks for replying back!
i want to participate (:
i just started getting into makeup
& you really helped me out A LOT.


Youtube : ShaeneAnn726

debora said...

i'll participate!
- debora.

youtube name: deb0raaa

falafal1 said...

ooh this looks like so much fun, thanks so much for hosting this, its really generous of you!
hopefully i can find the time to enter!
im katie, at youtube: falafal1

NolosFalconPride said...

i want to participate =] congrats to you hun! i love all your vids!

Ashley Dawn said...

this sounds like a lot of fun. :)

i wish i had a video camera cause i would like to actually participate but it sounds fun to be able to tell you how much you have done for me and inspired me!

ShirleyMarie said...

omg!! this is so exciting! I've never entered a contest before but I'm going to enter this one!!

jeSmakeup said...

Hey gurl...
i dont twist the britles i just try to shape them back as how they were... n then slip it in some bag so it can stay its shaped.. is it better to twist? i odnt like washin the bigger brushes.. they get all fluffy... anythin i need to know ? =P

Christine said...

Sounds like fun, I will give it a try.. about imitations of you?? that's probably going to be the most difficult I think lol..

wherescrystal said...
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wherescrystal said...

Hey RenRen I would like to participate! I can't wait to make a video. This will be my first EVER that I upload onto my account!

youtube: ahdicted2u

Drroxxette said...

I will definately be participating

-Naomi Munroe aka Drroxxette

Diana said...


diamoni23 said...

this is my first video ever I am excited:]

loveanel22 said...

Hey Ren Ren! Please include me in your contest! I'm definatley intrested.... YouTube:loveanel22

Cynical Saint said...

Oh those brushes are to die for.. I'll give it a shot

Youtube : soeccentric

readergirl_15 said...

Wow. This sounds fun. I'm in. I can't wait to make my video.

Sigrid B.

Youtube: readergirl15

AK_Tonya_AK said...

HEY Ren Ren !
im definetly participateing!

You Tube - akgothgirl14
-lots of alaska love Katt/Tonya

ashley said...

oh im excited but scared at the same time thats ok

Lovebell06 said...

I would love to do a video but i just have problems with uploading videos on youtube so i will just post an watching ur videos...

melanieakaxavierlov said...

I so entered the email contest! Thanks soo much for doing a contest for those of us who cant make a video! Thanks again for being such an awesome makeup artista and friend!
youtube: xavierlov
xoxo Melanie

alien man?! said...

i can't wait to see the entries!

jase329 said...

im in!!!! my first contest, sounds fuuuuuun!!!

jase329 said...

i want to participate!! my first contest awwsome prizes.. sound fuuuunnnn!!

Kalei said...

I'd love to give it a try! My youtube account: kalei99

~Kalei said 3 weeks but if it's due on 12/1 then that only gives us 11 days. I better hurry!

LoveApparatusJMR said...

Wow! What a great contest... I'm kind of intimidated to enter because I've never made a tutorial before and you're probably going to have hundreds of entries... However, I think I might try to pull this one out. As of today, I will participate in this contest.

Youtube: loveapparatusJMR

Diandra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mischo Beauty said...

Wow! Go girl! So proud of you, and congrats on your blog anniversary. :)

LadyLovelylocs said...

I'm IN! Thanks Ren Ren. I'm not an expert but I'll shoot and try to land on the beginner's prize.

Lady D
Youtube: Ladylovelylocs

nancys make up said...

hi i would lovee to be in your contest so i am gonna go for it!

heres my youtube user name-


thankkk you=]

urbabiiangel said...

I would love to try out your contest.

name is Mai nguyen
YT acc: Urbabiiangel

urbabiiangel said...

I would love to try out your contest.
name is mai nguyen
YT account is Urbabiiangel

xxxsocceloverxxx said...

hi i whatn to enter ur contest and my youtube age is thank and i love ur prizes

krizzy742 said...

Thius sounds exciting, I think ima try my best on this.

Josiep said...

Ok i want in to this contest
great idea josieP

HelloHawtnezz said...

Hello RenRen You are really a great make up artist,I Enjoy watching your videos! Count me In The Huge Contest!

youtube account url:

Sylvia said...

hey! i'm totally interested in the contest! definitely not as skilled as you are, but i'll try to do you justice!

youtube: sylfly

keely ....katie said...

hey makeup by ren ren am i big fan ,i watch your videos the day they come out to youtube .you have inspired me along with others to make videos.this contest was the last string that i should make a video wish me luck !

Geraldine said...

I want to enter the contest!



thanks for the contest! great prizes.

Hang Ngo said...

hey I would like to do this contest.

Hang Ngo

Youtube: iheartm0chi

Thanks! =D

serenac18 said...

Hello!!! First time entering a competition like this! well first time entering a competition for anything But yes! I really would like to participate and I appreciate the chance!!!

Youtube: Serenac18

Bflynstilettos said...

Hey diva,
Its my first time entering a contest and posting a video...LOL...This is gonna be a mess...I hope I make you proud I'm definitely gonna try If I locate my camera charger oh and did I mention I just started (playing) with makeup about a Month ago...

mitzieg said...
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mitzieg said...

if i can, id love to do this one!! :]

yt-mitzieg said...

im definitly going to participate in this.... IM GONNA GO START ON MY VID!!!! love you ren ren this will be my absoulute first vid.

GlamMami said...

Hi I'm in it to win it...can't wait to post my submission to your contest on youtube! whoot whoot!

Hood Barbie

Sandy P said...

Sounds fun Im def in!! Can I use a friend as a model???

Youtube: MizzSandra00

chineei said...

hey i really wanna do this contest.
I'm believe I'm a beginner, and I never posted videos before. Yay, I'm excited.


lishakim said...

im so excited!

izzy said...

this is exciting!! and cool too because everybody can participate!!! =) i'm in! lol


zenia said...

i wanna participate =]
my name is zenia
and my utube is

zenia said...

i wanna participate
my name is zenia
and my utube is

ellamejia2001 said...

Hi Ren,
Love ur videos.

Katie said...

Hey ren ren! Can't wait to imitate your makeup and mannerisms. youtube: knicoleg

Mollyy said...

hi i would love to enter you contest but i am a begin so i wan't be to good my youtube name is mibf12345678910 thank you

Glenda said...

Wow! I'm stoked to start on my video. Might be hard for me to imitate your amazing self :)

Participating for sure.

Youtube: princessxglenda

Mariana said...

I'm so in!

Name: Mari Pacheco
Youtube: PassionFruitBr


Katielyn said...

name: Kaitlen

youtube: katielynstyle


Melinda said...

i am sooo into this!
youtube name: meli2180

.cupcake love. said...

Wait, I did say I wanted to do this right ?? o.O

ashleemayx3 said...

Hey! This sounds like so much fun! I'll definetly enter! On youtube I'm also ashleemayx3!

GirlLoveMakeUp said...

Hi !! I'm Fanny & i'm french i just start with make up and i really really really want to join your contest 'cause he looks amazing ! I'll tell you when i post my video

my Name : Fanny
my youtube's Name : FannyluvMAC


P.S : I only got 2 brushes ( not a lot ) i've already sais that on youtube's comment

It will be my first contest and my first video

J.a' said...

I would love to participate....RenRen...mUAh!!! kisskisskiss...Mii youtube nmae is lildonatellio

SparkleLashes said...

I want to participate! I'm going to try my best to do this! I'm planning on it:D I love your channel:D My name is Joanna and my youtube name is: sparklelashes.

SparkleLashes said...

I want to participate! My name is Joanna and my youtube name is: sparklelashes

xFLYNNIEx said...

Oh so fun, i'll do mine tonight!!! I hope you had a blast Saturday night.

nancy said...

cant wait to start a video.. im nervous this will be the first video for youtube ever..i hope to make you proud.

Browneyegirl25 "nancy"

JessicaSarahS said...

This will be my first personal video too. I'm nervous, but I want to participate!

marissa1303 said...

i'm in

youtube account: LivingStar1303

Mary said...

oh i want to join! =]


rainbowsnowflakes said...

this is such a great contest RenRen!


rainbowsnowflakes said...

this is a great contest RenRen


lizziesf87 said...

Hey Renren! Congrats on all of your youtube success! I love all of your videos.

I'm lizziesf87 on youtube and I will be entering the contest.

michelle said...

i forgot to write that my youtube name is nguyenmakeup :)

toya91 said...

Hi my name is Natailya and im 16
i love this contest it would be my first ever and i hope i do good
thank you so much for deciding on doing this contest

tiishxscene said...

I'm really looking forward to participating in this contest,
as the first one ever that I'll do.

I'm that excited kind of nervous now, haha.

youtube : tiishxscene

tiishxscene said...

I'm really looking forward to participating in this contest,
as the first one ever that I'll do.

I'm that excited kind of nervous now, haha.

youtube : tiishxscene

shelbizzo said...

im so excited! thanks for doing this for everyone! im in!!!

BaBy_D said...

count me in =D
youtube: tisay4life

kiki said...

im in kiki,kikilovescb15

Caroline Aracelly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Caroline Aracelly said...

I am super excited to participate!

YouTube: CV Aracelly

miarose898 said...

ohh man this is fantastic!
thanks so much for holding a contest
&& having a prize for people that can't make videos! I entered the contest with a written response to your e-mail.

michelle said...

im going tooo!

yt: sucker4urlove

M said...

Hi RenRen!
count me in please :)

youtube: Smerfette


Hey there Ren Ren, this is Mitchel, aka Dark Expressions on youtube, I would love to participate, I realize that I am a man, but feel I have the potential to do my very best, talk to you soon, Mitchel aka Dark Expressions


Hey Ren Ren, this is Mitchel aka Dark Expressions from youtube, I would really like to participate because I feel that I have the potential to do a pretty good job. I realize that I am male but I know that I have just as much right as anybody else, and I hope you think so too, talk to you soon, Mitchel aka Dark Expressions

Jade said...

it sounds super cool... i will definetly enter!! :)

name: Jade
youtube name: simpleyymee

fabbarbiie1 said...

Count me in....

Nataliaa said...

Wow amazing prizes yay!

Nataliaa said...

Wow amazing prizes yay!
utube is xoxnatalia12
name nataalia

jadegreen12 said...

I'm participating. For now anyway, hehe. I might chicken out.

Name: Sonita
Youtube: jadegreen12

amandapathetic93 said...

im so going to enter. probably tomorrow. november 28th. =].

shavanie89 said...

Wow …count me in. The prize are amazing and CONGRATULATIONS ON +11,000 subscriber.
Name: Shivanie
YouTube: Vani3

j3n17r said...


Christine said...

HI RenRen,
Happy thanks giving! My video is almost ready. Will load shortly.
Christine Shen

szuchnic said...

Definitely want to give this a try!
Youtube name:szuchnic

victoria said...

nothin' beats trying.. i'm in fo sure!!!

nurul said...

Please enter me, newrulefarah

Amy said...

yay! count me in! =D i would like to participate.

Sheba Pearl said...

Hi! I like the idea and I want to try it out! I'm not sure if it'll look exactly the same as your tutorial but I think I am going to try to do the gold and green look (w/o pigments). I don't know how I'll do with the
My YouTube name is Shebapearl. TTYL
P.S.: My computer's not working too well so I may not be able to respond until Sunday.

MyliaBiz said...

I'd like to participate in the contest.
YouTube: kyarbough

Euphoricx said...

hey girl im posting my video reply right now!

Euphoricx said...

youtube- pinkkvintagexxx

cenaforever101 said...

im soo doin this.. haha

the name is Sara
youtube account.. cenaforever101

cenaforever101 said...
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FilipinaDoll said...

Ahhh!!! Awesome!! I'm making a video tomorrow!! Practicing "ren ren" & studying your videos and all! I got a few looks in mind! Can't make up my mind though..& I Can't wait!! >.<

YouTuber: FilipinaDoll
(Your make-up sister) ;)

zenia said...

i want to participate
and my utube is

MoMo526 said...


Y0UTUBE:MoMo 5265

Francesca said...

Sounds like fun, I'll try out for this!

Name: Francesca
Youtube: FrancescaAH (

cindycs88 said...

I'm in for the e-mail entry.. sounds like a lot of fun :)

you tube name is cindycs88

fabbarbiie1 said...

Count me in...
Name: Isury
Youtube: fabbarbiie1

chelsea v. said...


MzSarahLious said...

Hey Ren Ren your contest sounds fun looking forward to sounding and acting like you lol you can count me in as well <3Sarah

MzSarahLious said...

my youtube username:MzSarahLious
sry forgot to mention it earlier!:p

Heightzma191 said...

Hey Ren Im going to participate.

Stephanie R.
You Tube: Heightzma191

Anna Wong said...

hey~ this sounds like so much fun but unfortunately i cant make a video :( but i will be sending an email !

My Sweet Honey Darling said...

I'm sooooo going to enter ,but by email no way to video. :o( Thanks for thinking of those that couldn't :o)



Hey renren! i am going to participate! youtube name is: iwasntlazyinmay

Gio said...

I'm entering! I'm so nervous!


Karin said...

Hey, this contest sooo awesome... If I'll make the time, I'll do it too!! :)
Name: Karin
YT: Karolaid

But if I don't, all the luck to others and hope you have fun!! :)

mona said...

'm entering tonigth

Pinky94 said...

Its last minute but this contest is too good to pass up. I'm gonna try to enter. Thanks


Rory said...

Sounds fun :) I'm going to enter!

Rory Song
Youtube: missymissymoo

Melissa said...

I am going to participate for sure!=)

Name: Melissa
Youtube account: katlubsyo0

primaprim said...

i want to participate in the contest.

yt name: primaprim

Kekepania said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kekepania said...

Hello!! This will be my first contest to enter online! I'm really impressed!! I have only a day to make the video and will do so! I'm excited!

I forgot to mention my Youtube Account is: ikekepania

linda said...

i'm in! it's nov 30th 11:53pm in cali! youtube video is already posted!

youtube sn lindatamtran


loveva said...

i am SO IN! i have the EXACT LOOK i've been WANTING TO TRY OUT from ya! (:



Lord said...

I'm a bit confused. Your deadline here says it ends today at 11:59 PM..but on your youtube you said you were closing it last night?? Lol..i'm not sure if I'm too late but I will be entering today!

YT: LordxCupcake

thank you for everything renren...from all your tutorials and helpful hints and for this contest. You are truly talented!

un_spok3n said...

ahhh...AWESOME PRIZES!! im totally participating!!! :D

un_spok3n said...

opps! forgot my username on youtube.

Heightzma191 said...

RENNN! I've been trying to upload my video for your contest all day. Youtube is having maintenance. I worked hard to get this video done, and I really want to join your contest. Is there any other way that I can submit it. Will you consider extending the contest for another day?

j4lyphe said...

Hey Ren I'm entering for the email version of the contest:)

BaBy_D said...

i posted my video sunday night but i dnt see on the video response :( i hope u get it. i'm trying to upload it again. so sorry if it ends up doubling up..:(

sorgihannah said...

Hey i am definitley participating Xd

my username is: hannahXmariie

thanks so much ^^


DYMakeup said...

This is great!.. Im participating. I hope you still count me in!!! I want this so bad!!

wherescrystal said...

Hey Renren,

I can't wait for u to see the 'drawn' verison of your couch! i spent lots of time on and got a paper cut doing it =(

-Crystal aka Couch Girl
youtube: ahdicted2u

shelley said...

hi ren ren sorry i cant post a video but thats nice of you to give out prizes to the people that cant post one. i cant wait to recieve it i am sooo excited you are my idol in make-up i have watched all your videos and you have gave me ideas and made me confident to try new things thank you sooo much

youtube name shelliee09

shelley marshall

jilly said...

enter me plz and thanks for this contest and im glad i can enter thru comment :) i would do a vid but unfortunately dont have a camera :(

Josephine said...

hi ren ren wow youre so nice for doing this makeup contest i would really like to enter, but i dont have quality makeup like it still okay, i am from mexico. you are the best Thanks for all your tutorials..

saludos desde mexico(greetings from mexico)