Post Halloween Pics

Hi Bellas,

So I called in sick to work today because I got food poisoning or something last night. Dangit! But at least I get the day off. I hope all of you guys are voting today or have voted already!

the pumpkin. I added the final to for Halloween this year my boyfriend and I stayed in. We bought candy and stayed home but no kiddies came by :( However we were able to carve our first pumpkin this year. Well actually, my boyfriend carved it because I fell asleep. He carved one of the Obama slogans "Yes We Can" onuch by putting my Georgia Voter sticker on it :)

This weekend I went with my airbrush teacher to a sweet sixteen party to do temporary tattoos. I was surprised because all the teenagers lined up for it! Temporary tattoos are a form of airbrush makeup as well. It can also be hand painted. You might not think of doing temporary tattoos as a makeup artist, but they bring in big bucks at corporate events. It's also good to know how to recreate tattoos for movies and on screen.

I have my own kit complete with stencils, ink transfers and paint.

Here are two tattoos I did on my boyfriend. This is the only thing he's ever let me try out on him makeup wise.

The first one is a tribal tattoo on his wrist.

This is the dragon tattoo I did on his arm.

Are any of you guys tatted up?