Kia and Ren talk Photoshoot Makeup!

Hi Bellas,

I love teaming up with my fellow bloggers. One of my most favorite, Kia From Yummy411 hit me up with a proposal to touch on a new topic..."How to get your makeup looking great for photos."

We decided to come up with some easy tips for you guys. Check out Kia's tips here.

My tips are based on whether you are doing makeup for a photoshoot or if you are getting your photos professionally taken (graduation, wedding, etc...)

1) Avoid spf in your foundation or moisturizer…SPF will cause you to have a white cast on the face.

2) Invest in photofriendly makeup. Many new HD lines are popping up including MUFE HD’s new line and Cargo Blue Ray’s line.

3) Photoshoot makeup is different than street makeup…you have to apply more for it to show up and not be washed out by lighting. In this case, less is not more, more is more!

4) If you're doing makeup on yourself, get yourself a magnifying mirror…good cameras, especially SLR’s can pick up the tiniest blemishes and streaks that you might not see from your bathroom mirror .

5) Keep good blotting powder on hand. Multiple touch ups will be necessary. Photographers love the way a matte look comes up on film. Those lights can make you melt!

6) Lastly, test your makeup on camera by checking how it looks on the view screen. This is important for both photography and film. This is when the look really matters. Do any necessary touch ups. And voila, you’re done!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Coming soon... Atlanta makeup artist