Weekend Catchup and Thundercats!

Hi Bellas,

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? It passed so fast to me. Friday I went to a happy hour and had tapas with my friends and former co-workers. Saturday I did some much needed grocery shopping. Saturday night I went to a Tea party...nope not that kind of Tea party...it was actually a costume party my friend was throwing where you had to wear a costume that began with the letter T. As you know, I didn't dress up for Halloween so I wanted to do something fun. My girls and I wanted to dress up but we were procrastinating to the point that we didn't make a decision on our costume till 8pm the night of the party, lol. We had a lot of ideas...Three Blind Mice, Triplets, Trash (put on trash bags, lol)...but in the end I wanted to push for something really creative and fun...

dum, dum dum.......

We were the Thundercats! Do you guys remember the popular cartoon from the '80s?

I think we were Tigra, Liono, and Cheetrah? Something like that, lol.

So the crazy thing about all of this was that we didn't have any costumes or wigs or anything. Instead we had to be creative with it. I sent the BF to the store to pick up some Halloween red hair dye, the kind you spray on. We donned leotards, tights and boots, big teased hair and then I did the makeup. I free handed the thundercats logo on our chests just in case you couldn't tell what we were, lol. Can you believe we did all of it in 2 hours? LOL it was crazy in my little apartment! I wish I got a more clear picture but this is the best we could get with a camera phone!

My friend's fiancee went as Tyrone Biggums, the crackhead from the Dave Chapelle show. My boyfriend went as Tony Montana, aka Scarface. Good times! In case you're wondering how I got Tyrone's lips to stay white looking...I used MAC cream colour base in white and a little baby powder. On the BF I painted on some blood using Ben Nye cream colour in red, MAC multipurpose gloss and a little brown eyeshadow. Too bad you can't really see it well though because these pics were taken on an I-Phone. I guess my BF went as the black version of Tony Montana...I told him we should have flat ironed his hair to make a little swoop in the front, lol.

We only stayed at the party for 1.5 hours cuz it was so far, lol. But I was glad we dressed up. Sunday we slept in and I had two makeovers for a birthday party later that afternoon. They turned out great! I'll post pictures soon.

Another blurry camera phone pic of me and the BF.

How was your weekend guys? What did yall do?