Glossy Hair - Product Review

Hi Bellas,

I recently gave a go at trying a few products from L'Oreal Paris' haircare line. I was excited because I'm always looking for new haircare products. Moreover, this is a very affordable line that you can find at your local grocery store, wal-mart, or target.

On to the review!

L'Oreal Paris VIVE Pro Nutri Gloss shampoo, conditioner and conditioning treatment

I've used this a few times and it's pretty decent. I used all three products each time I wash my hair because it needs extra moisture. It's intended for medium to long length hair that is damaged -- bingo, that's me! I'm currently growing my hair out and it's right at my shoulders. All my coloring has left my hair pretty dry to the point that I rely on a good conditioner and serum. The conditioning treatment worked pretty well. My hair was soft and I was able to run my fingers smoothly during the washing and conditioning process. Still, I've had better conditioners...I prefer conditioners that come in a tub because they tend to offer more intensive treatment.

L'oreal Paris VIVE Pro Color VIVE shampoo and conditioning treatment
I used this shampoo and conditioner twice, and honestly, it didn't give me what I needed. Usually when you try a different shampoo and conditioner your hair reacts to it for the first time and your hair feels renewed. Not this time. My hair felt dry afterwards. This shampoo is intended for dry, chemically treated hair which I defintely have. However, it didn't provide the moisture I needed.

Studio Line Smoothness Smoothing Cream
I used this with my damp hair. As I may have mentioned, I usually don't blow dry my hair after pure laziness. This product can be used for damp hair to prepare it for styling. I found this to not be oily, but more so like the consistency of a leave-in conditioner. Surprisingly, it really helped to detangle my hair. I also like to use this as a heat protectant and general smoother. It doesn't provide instant results of shine and bounciness because that's not it's job. It's a smoothing cream, and for it's purpose it works well.

Studio Line Perfect Fix Finishing Hairspray
I'm not too picky on my hairspray. Two things I look for are hold and flake factor. I used this with my Thundercats costume. My two friends and I teased our hair to the heavens and used this to keep it up. It did it's job. The smell was okay, typical hair spray smell that faded after a short while. What I noticed was that it didn't turn white or flake like many hair sprays of it's price point...woo hoo! I would repurchase because it works and it's super cheap!

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