Happy Turkey Day!

Hi Bellas,

It's 3:23 am as I'm writing this so it's officially Thanksgiving here in the US. I wanted to take time to give thanks.

-Thanks to my blogging family. You've helped me learn so much and your encouragement, comments and compassion have helped me to pursue my dream. I love you guys!
Some special shout outs:
-yummy: you and me girl, we're going to be big one day. You were one of the first who faithfullyvisited my blog in the beginning and I thank you so much for that. I love how we continue to learn from each other as we try to do this makeup thang...I admire you so much for your skills, for being a great mom, and a great artist.
-Vanessa: Girl you truly inspired me to start my blog. Before I even started talking to you, my boyfriend knew you by your first name because I was either reading your blog or talking about it...know that i've talked with you, I feel a special sister relationship with you, you're so down to earth i can't wait till my next trip to cali to meet you guys! San Francisco in May 2009 for my bro's graduation...we'll make it happen!
-Anne: Aww I love you girl, you're like my lil sis I never had. You have such a pure heart and i've seen you grow so much. I'm always here for you like you've been there for me.
-Gezebel: Even though you don't blog as much, I still read your page everyday. From the beginning days on Asian Beauty Blog, you were always there for me when people were calling me a drag queen...you're truly a gift to me, thanks auntie!
-Roslyn at Makeup Makes Me Happy: your website amazes me girl...thank you so much for taking the time to help me really get this blog turned into a business...and we have the same initials, he he...i know you're going to be big girl!
-Mildred at Beauty Logic: Your hair skills amaze me...thanks so much for taking the time to refer me to some of your peoples...I still haven't gotten that coconut oil but it's definitely on my list...i can't wait to see you on the evening news or on the cover of a major magazine...do your thang missy!
-Stephie: i know you stopped blogging and youtubing a while ago...but you were the first person to inspire me to start this page...wherever you are, I hope you're doing well...I still think of you and thank you for everything
-Ethereal Prey: I feel a special closeness with you...I know you've had your share of ups and down this year, but I'll always be here for you girl, loves yah!
-Alien Man: I remember our early days on ABB and I'm glad we still stay in touch...you're an amazing person, truly I can see your talent shine (writing, art, you can do it all!)...I can't wait to see your harness your potential and win that nobel prize girl!
-Christiana: I know you're taking a little hiatus right now, but you were also there for me in the beginning. You're a beautiful person in and out...come back soon!
-May: I can't believe how close we come. I'm so glad we "met" because I truly consider you one of my makeup mentors, and most importantly a friend. You've given me the best advice and have been so patient. I hope to be like you one day!

These are only a few of the bloggers out there that have touched my heart, I only named a few that came to my mind but I have something special to say about all of you!

-Thanks to my family. My parents are the hardest working people I know. They continue to work and sacrifice to support my brother and I. Growing up I didn't understand there strict ways but now that I'm older and wiser, I truly appreciate them and understand it's made me into what I am today.

-My friends. I have the best friends in the world. Two of my best friends I've known since elementary school growing up in Orlando. Fate kept us together and we're all living in Atlanta and still best of friends. They have been there for me through all my happy and sad times. When I started doing makeup, they were nothing but supportive... heck they even became my models!

-My boyfriend. Without him, there would be no blog, no youtube page, no makeup career...he saw my passion and talent and was the one who encouraged me to start all of this. He's my lover, my business manager, my best friend, my photographer, my dish washer, he he...I couldn't ask for anyone better. Love you babay!

Love all you guys! Happy Turkey Day!

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Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist