Blogger Feature with Couture Carrie!

Hi Bellas,

If you haven't heard of fashion and style blogger Couture Carrie check her out asap. She is the ultimate source of fashion and style. Everytime I read her blog, I feel like I'm walking in the shoes of the Sex and the City girls. Because of her I am always up to breast on the latest runway trends and how to get the same styles with my kind of budget.

Couture Carrie

We decided to ask each other a few essential questions.

5 Questions for Fellow Fashionista CC:
1) When did you decide to become a fashionista?
At birth, pretty much! My mom reports that I used to lay my clothes out for the next day of nursery school when I was three years old! I started babysitting at the age of 8 in order to afford my favorite "designers" which, at the time, were Esprit and Benetton!

2) Why did you start blogging and what is the best part about our online community?
I began blogging in February because I felt I had something important to share with people who care about fashion. In an ideal world, I would synthesize trends for a living! But for the time being, I am perfectly content to edit my online periodical, Couture Carrie. I have "met" so many amazing, thoughtful, beautiful and intelligent people through this wonderful community. It is exquisite to be able to communicate with fashionistas the world over and share ideas about our favorite designs -- and about life in general!

3) If you could only take one beauty item to a desert island with you, what would it be?
Well, let's assume I have SPF45 built in, so . . . MAC Lipglass!

4) What nail and eye colors are hot for autumn?
I am absolutely enamored of Beauty Lounge's Concrete Jungle for nails. That slate gray is so hot! And the smoky eye is a must for evening, maybe even rimmed with a touch of blue. (OMG I just did a smokey eye rimmed with blue eyeliner coming up! She must be my sister from another mister, he he)

5) Which of the fall or spring collections do you think had the most stunning makeup?
Gucci Spring 2009!

Anyone that rocks MAC lipglass on a deserted island is my kind of girl! Check her out at