Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Starflash Everyday Look

Hi Bellas,

Of course you know I had to do a look from the new Starflash collection. I was in a rush on Saturday to go out with my girls for my bestie's birthday. I took a quick glance at my starflash eyeshadows (I had them laying on top of my makeup drawers within easy reach) and decided to pair up the neutrals because I figured they'd be the quickest and easiest to work with. I was completely surprised by the fact that the neutrals are my favorite colors of the collection! You all know I'm a bright eyeshadow kind of gal but these colors are absolutely gorgeous. This is perfect for an everyday look. I would even use it for bridal makeup if I added a longer lasting lip product...i'm wearing a tendertone here which wouldn't have the staying power necessary for a wedding.

Here's What I Used (All MAC unless otherwise specified):


-Rimmel fix and perfect foundation primer

-select moisture conceealer in NW37

-msf natural in med dark

-msf natural in dark

-sweet william cremeblush

-shy beauty - beauty powder blush


-spiked eyebrow pencil and cork eyesadow on brows

-soft ochre paint pot

-bold and brazen e/s

-grand entrance e/s

-glamour check e/s

-stubborn brown powerpoint pencil

-Revlon colorstay liquid liner in black brown

-model 21. lashes

-zoomlash mascara


-stripdown lip pencil

-hush hush tendertone


Wes said...

I like it!! It's colorful and subtle at the same time

Product Junkie Diva said...

It is subtle, but it also brings your eyes out.

Sharon Rose said...

What a gorgeous look-so dewy and pretty!

Just_Wondering said...

Wow when I saw the pictures the words beautiful, flawless, and Subtle came to mind! I think you did a great job of showing of the important facial features without making it seem like you put a new "face" on!

Very NICE!

I really need to practice putting makeup on *sigh*

CupcakeLove said...

cute !! i love it !

alien man?! said...

i love the softness of this look :)

Askmewhats said...

Girl, i love the look!!! Keep em coming, you inspire a lot of us here!

May Nguyen said...

You look flawless!

Gloria said...

I love this! It's so fresh and cute.

Anne @ said...

i like the curls! soo girly and the makeup... when did you ever not have fabulous make up on? :D

dianatan said...

that fotd is gorgeous!!!! dewy and glowing at the same time.. i almost touched my screen to feel your skin.. :) hehehe

LadyJane said...

This look is really pretty on you Ren! I like how it's natural, but it also emphasizes your eyes. And your hair is cute too :)

Bliss said...

Very pretty, enchances your natural beauty :)