Monday, August 11, 2008

Starflash Bright Eyes Look

Hi Guys,

I didn't realize how much I was going to love the eyeshadows from this collection. They are soooo easy to makes creating eyeshadow looks a lot easier. This look was really simple. It probably took about 2 minutes to do the actual eyeshadow part.

I also pulled out Feline kohl power pencil. I love how this is an intense, matte black color. Perfect for the waterline.

If you're going to wear the lustre twins, it helps if you put it on an unprimed lip. Apparently, the oils in any chapstick or lip balm will break away at the ingredients in the long last color and it won't stay as long. This means you'll have to make sure your lips are nice and exfoliated before you put that color on. After going to dinner, I noticed that the gloss portion was gone but about 75% of the lipcolor just faded in the middle. That's pretty good after chomping away at a dinner of chips and salsa and fajitas!

For some reason, the video was a bit slow...not sure why, but I deleted a bunch of old videos and pics of my computer so hopefully that will help.

I added a fake mole for flair :)


-select moisture concealer in NW37
-mineralized satinfinish foundation in NC42
-strobe cream
-cherche cremeblush
-gleeful mineralized blush
-shimmer from msf duo in dark/shimmer

-soft ochre paint pot
-sunset b e/s
-top hat e/s
-grand entrance e/s
-talent pool e/s
-Revlon Colorstay liquid liner in blackest black
-feline kohl power pencil
-zoomlash mascara
-Model 21 lashes

-cork lip pencil
-pink air lustre twin

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!


Askmewhats said...

Aaaww girl! That look takes only a short time? It looked like you did it for more than 30 minutes as the make up is flawless and perfect!!! love it sis!

Jaimie @ Just Kiss 'N Makeup said...

i love the blue!

blue_orchid_on_the_rock said...

You got me inspired! I am too broke for another mac haul at the moment, but I will try to do this with barryM dazzle dust.


Anne @ said...

i really love the blue on your lower lashline! great eye combo!! you're making me wanna get top hat and talent pool now!

thanks for the e-mail! I e-mailed you back LOL not sure if you got it.

PBW said...

Love this look.

I'm going to have to look at gleeful mineralized blush and cherche creamblush next time I'm at MAC. That look so nice on you!

Meisha said...

Gorgeous! I love those colors!

yummy411 said...

gorg look! so there's def a difference. i pretty much skipped over this collection... will i be okay? lol or are there some must haves?

xppinkx said...


you can do that!!!!

you out on those eyelashes as if they were ...well i dunno...popping a grape in the mouth...

Super cool and i love the gloss that your wearing

im still kinda fazed about your precise fast application of those lashes woman...

you rock

Btw i am still very much in love with Britney...can you do her makeup for her and bring her back!!!!


i was wondering what are you going rates for makeup...say wedding proms or even girly parties?

MakeupByRenRen said...

askmewhats: seriously the eyeshadow was the quickest part!

jaimie: gotta love that talent pool

blue orchid: i'm sure you could replicate this with barry m...wish i could get more of that product here in teh states!

pbw: thanks! i think they would look great on you too...some of teh mineralized blushes wouldnt show up on me but gleeful definitely works

anne: yup i got your email :) i feel special now, thanks girl!

meisha: thank hon!

yummy: well...if you want to pick up the neutrals they would be great for your kit...grand entrace, bold and brazen and glamour just makes getting that perfectly blended look so much easier!

xppinkx: lol i wish i could bring britney back! my best friend still loves her too...i think i'm so used to wearing falsies now i just pop them on lol...but i still gotta work on putting them on others...

Vanessa said...

Gorgeous look!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Soooo pretty!! I really want to try blue liner!

Calming Corners said...

Love this look, esp the eyes.
Great Blog btw!

May Nguyen said...

i love it!

mandilicious said...

i didn't get any of the starflash shadows..yet..but your looks make me want to..argh!..

re: comment on my blog

you should..i've been using more pigments than pressed shadows recently..i'm trying to use as much as i could before i i know one jar will last me a yeah, sweet sienna is a gorgeous gun-metal under a black base..try!..i'm sure you'd come up with a better look with it than i did.. :)

and i wish i can apply falsies as fast as you can..i need more practice, or luck..hehe

Aleca said...

I love the colors on your skin! they look fanatastic, big WOW. :)

Ethereal Prey said...

its a great color combo you got there. Brittany is totally gone...salvage what you can and abandon ship! can you put beauty marks on other parts of your body? ;P

dianatan said...

omg! wish i could do that also!! im jealous of how your skin glows..

Nic Nic said...

Loving the eye makeup! so vibrant and pretty! just a gorgeous looK!

Mischo Beauty said...

Love the look on you! Ok- I was thinking about the pink air lustre twin when I bought the Firehouse nail polish from the collection... Looks like I'm going back for it!

(g)ezebel said...

girrrrl, this by far is my fave EOTD on you. (do i say that for all your EOTDs? -- that's cuz i love 'em all!!!!)

Marte said...

Nice look :)

Makeupbyrainelle said...

I really love how this e/s look pops! I swear if it wasn't so vibrant (i love vibrant) i would put a whole outfit together to match and wear it on the first day of school!

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