Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Couture Production Fashion Show

Hi Bellas,

Happy hump day! I'm really starting to enjoy watching all these olympic games...they suck you in till 2am! LOL Yesterday after I cooked, I was good and finally got to depotting and pigment pressing--two items on my list that have been neglected. I depotted 9 eyeshadows (mainly from the starflash collection). I also pressed about 8 pigments that I have. I figure i'll use them more once they're pressed and in my palette. I pretty much neglect them unless I'm looking for a particular color. Today, because of it...I'm wearing jardin aires pigment on my lid and a little bit of antiqued e/s on my outer v. Wearing makeup on a work day is a big accomplishment for me, lol.

Back to the post...

A few weeks ago I was able to participate in another fashion show here in the ATL. I was commissioned to do one of the designers and ten female models. The show started at 10pm and I arrived just before 5pm with more than enough time to prep the models. I had to leave work early for a "cough cough" dentist appointment, he he. Luckily, despite some crazy rain that day, I made it to the show before 5pm as stated in my contract.

I had met with the fashion show coordinators before hand and showed them a face chart of a look that I wanted to reproduce on the models. They had already mentioned that they wanted really bright eyes and neutral everything else. This was to go with the vibrant colors of the clothing lines that were to be modeled.

Here's a picture of the face chart I did.

Here's What I Used (All MAC unless otherwise specified):

-soft ochre paint pot
-shore leave e/s (highlight)
-bright sunshine e/s (inner 1/3 of lid)
-orange e/s (middle of lid)
-purple from the pandamonium quad (outer 1/3 of lid and crease, lower lashline)
-false lashes
-l'oreal voluminous mascara
-fluidline in blacktrack
-kohl pencil in smolder

-primer - either MAC Prep & Prime or Monistat
-cinema secrets foundation
-MAC pro invisible set powder
-contour powder (sculpt, definitive, or shadester)
-blush (from my CRC blush palette)-fix plus

-either cork, creamola, or chesnut lipliner (depending on skin tone)
-saplicious lip gelee

I finally used some false lashes that I got from ebay. I can't tell the brand name because they're not written in english, lol. I do know that they were shipped from Hong Kong with a batch of about 60 pairs! I honestly really don't like these lashes because they're too plasticy and it is difficult to keep the edges of the lashes down. I actually glued two eyelashes together to make them thicker. So in total, each model used two sets of false eyelashes. I was more than happy to use these up though...because I'm trying to get ride of these lashes and order some new ones!
I left the show around 12:40 in the morning! It was pretty exhausting but really fun and exciting at the same time. Luckily, my two besties came to assist me and they made the experience so much easier. You have to learn to be ready for all kinds of unexpected occurances at a show...models showing up really late, people walking out, inadequate just got to be a pro and suck it up! There's always drama going on backstage at a fashion show...luckily none of it involved me lol. Here's a tip...if you're working a show, make sure to bring snacks and plenty to drink. Luckily they had food later on, but if it wasn't for my snacks and Monster energy drink, I wouldn't have made it!
Luckily my besties were able to snap a few pictures for me. The lightning was a little overexposed so you can't see the vibrancy of the makeup as well. I'm telling you though, in person the colors were super vibrant!

Now for the models!

A group shot of some of the girls! I loved the clothes!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!


Jaimie @ Just Kiss 'N Makeup said...

Love her eyes! I hope you had fun!

Anne @ said...

wooooow i'm just sooooo proud of you. you're doing your thang!

(g)ezebel said...

i don't like plasticky lashes for that same reason.

girl, that face chart you did is GORGEOUS, and it turned out beautifully on the model, too!!

please post your autograph, so i can print it and keep it. you're gonna be sooooo famous very soon!!

vianca c. said...



dianatan said...

wooow! 10 models?!! job well done sweetie! the eye make-up is so gorgeous!!!

Yellow Fever said...

gorgeous! the e/s on the model looks exactly like your facechart-amazing! I'm addicted to the olympics too-especially the gymnastics and track

Wes said...

Oh wow... NICE! I LOVE the colors... the outfits are pretty cute too

Fabiana said...

renren, I hope you don't mind if I ask: I noticed that your face chart is the same from mac, do you make copies of them or just draw over the mac chart? By the way, I love your tutorials,
fabiana :)

Anjeanette said...

The eyes are amazing. Great job!

Tracy said...

I love hearing about your gigs (in this case "dentist appointment" LoL). The models look fab!

Shelly said...

Awesome job! Question, where do you get your face charts?

Askmewhats said...

girl they all looked lovely!!!! I am sorry about the falsies that came out too cheap and plasticky!! i understood how hard it is to use them! but they all looked wonderful! MORE TO COME!

Bliss said...

Ooooo RenRen, im so happy for you dear, congrats*someone's moving up the ladder* hehehe. The Makeup is fabulous :D!

Ethereal Prey said...

wow! those clothes are HOT! awesome face chart! frame it and autograph it!

Sharon Rose said...

Your chosen look is absolutely fabulous -so vibrant and colourful!!

Nic Nic said...

wow sounds like such a great experience!

loving the eye makeup on the models!cuox

rmcandlelight said...

Wow the 2nd picture model. You did a fantastic job (just lovely).

MakeupByRenRen said...

jaimie: thx! i love bright colors on eyes

anne: thanks babe!

gezebel: lol...oh G you always know how to make me feel know EXACTLY what i'm talking about with those falsies, hate em!

vee: hey hon! thanks for dropping by :)

dianatan: yah i know! luckily i had two assistants aka my best friends to help me out lol

gina: those are my fav sports to watch too!

Nice: i know! i've been to the designers store before and def had to get a dress from there, too cute!

fabiana: hey hon..i downloaded the chart off the internet and printed it out on sketch can google MAC face chart and you'll find one

anjeanette: thanks hon!

tracy: lol you know..a girl has gotta do what a girl's gotta do

tracy: you can google MAC face chart and u should be able to find one to DL

askmewhats: lol i know, i'm just trying to get rid of them in the meanwhile...they're not so bad if you double them up for some reason...

bliss: aww thanks!

ethereal prey: lol...well i pinned it to my wall in the bathroom, does that count?

sharon rose: thanks! bright colors are my fav!

nic nic: thanks hon!

rmcandlelight: aww thanks! i wish i could've gotten more pics

Vanessa said...

nice job sis!

Meisha said...

I know I'm late (busy week) but those colors are amazing! Great job!

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