How To: Reverse Contouring Feat. Huge Eve Pearl Kit Giveaway!

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another tutorial!  Have you all heard of reverse contouring?  It's a method that I learned from the amazing Celebrity MUA and teacher Eve Pearl.  If you're a beginner Makeup Wearer or a Professional Artist, this simple technique is very good to know so that you can quick contour and cover discoloration.  Don't forget to check out my huge giveaway of Eve Pearl goodies so you can copy the exact look on you!
Check out the video!

Here is a basic diagram of the reverse contouring method.  I found it really helpful to reference it during my video tutorial.

Here's what you'll need to complete the look:
1) Priming Moisturizer
2) Latex Free Wedge Sponge
3) Spritz Bottle with Water
4) Foundation Brush
5) Foundation - Two shades, one lighter and one darker
6) Powder and blush to set

Here are the steps for reverse contouring:

1) Prep your skin with priming moisturizer and anti-shine if needed
2) Apply the lighter shade of foundation (#1) onto your eyelids and onto the space below your cheeks and above your jaw
3) Flip your foundation brush over and apply the darker foundation (#2) to your cheeks, chin, and temples.  This darker foundation should go anywhere you need extra coverage i.e. acne scars, redness
4) Take your salmon concealer and apply it underneath your eyes to cover dark circles, bags, and also to brighten.
5) Optional - Mix the two shades and apply them anywhere else you want coverage, i.e. nose, around the mouth.
6) Spritz water onto your sponge and wring out the excess.  Blend the foundation together
7) Set your foundation with powder and apply blush on the cheeks and up to the temples in an upward motion.

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