Reader Question Answered - Bridal Body Makeup/Shimmer that doesn't transfer?

Hi Bellas,

I really had a viewer write in with a beauty question that I think a bunch of you could find useful.  She is a bride to be that wants some body makeup coverage that will give her a glow and not transfer onto clothing.  This is a question that applies to nearly anyone who wants to show a bit of skin and wants a little extra help looking flawless.  Check it out!

My viewer asks:

I am getting married in October of this year.  I am wearing a strapless gown, so my upper body will be exposed.  I was wondering if you had any recommendations or suggestions for body makeup or shimmer to make my upper body look uniformed and glowy and of course not transfer onto my dress or my groom :-)  I am a woman "of a certain age", and I want to keep it grown and sexy, so a product without glitter or large pieces of glimmery stuff would be very nice :-)  I just want to have that "my skin, but better look".  My foundation color in MAC is NC50 (for reference).  

My response:

Maximum Body Coverage
If I have a bride that needs some serious body coverage - i.e. tattoos, acne scarring, I always turn to alcohol based airbrush body makeup, specifically Temptu Dura Foundation.  This will literally not move unless you make an effort to take it off (removes with rubbing alcohol or exposure to oils like lotions/body products).  It should last a few days if you don't apply a lot of lotions and don't scrub hard in the shower.  I have had brides get this to cover stretch marks/discoloration so that they can be bikini ready for their honeymoon days later.  If you're not a MUA you can always purchase your individual shade and then apply it with a sponge/brush (you'll have to throw the brush away after or rinse the bristles with alcohol to remove the makeup).  This is some serious body makeup coverage.  If you want the sheen on top, you can always mix in a few sprinkles of a pigment into the foundation then apply.
Here's a shot of when I airbrushed my bestie's belly for her maternity pics using the Temptu Dura.
Dermablend is also a tried and trued staple for many women who need coverage.  This is a high coverage cream foundation that you'd apply to any discoloration on the face or body.  It's available at Ulta.  I'd set with a powder to lock it in.

Glowy Body Coverage
Gleam by Melanie Mills - This is a gorgeous body shimmer that comes in amazing sun-kissed shades.  You apply it like a lotion and it's tinted to provided a bronzed glow.  I've used darker shades to "temporarily tan" my skin or I select a lighter shade to add a bronzed glow.  When I saw this product at a trade show they said you can apply a coat of spray on sunscreen, and it will seal it in!  This is what they do on Dancing with the Stars.  I haven't had issues with this smearing (I usually wear it on my legs) when I wear it on the night out on the town but might want to try that nifty sunscreen tip!  This is my recommendation for evening out the skin and adding a glow.
Another option is the Alcone Liquid Sunshine - it's essentially a liquid bronzer for your entire body, gorgeous!
Just A Little Shimmer
My last step in my bridal makeup is to apply a shimmer powder with a powder brush to give a glow on their back, chests and arms.  I use Steelo Cosmetics Body Shimmer.  They have two shades that pretty much work for everybody - a gold and bronze.  I recommend Glisten for deeper skin tones and Fairy for up to tan skintones.  It doesn't cover discoloration but makes the skin look radiant.  You can always have your MUA touch up any spots on your body with a concealer first then you can apply this.  It doesn't transfer because it's just a light coating of shimmer and not large glitter chunks.  This is my recommendation for giving a glow to the skin.  You can also mix this shimmer in with your body lotion.
Glisten Body Shimmer
Seal It In!
If you really want any body makeup to last, apply a theatrical setting spray like Ben Nye Final Seal (my fav!), Mehron Barrier Spray, or Graftobian Setting Spray.  This will make your body makeup absolutely smudge proof and are also great for setting your face makeup too.

I recommend that you give this a shot before the big day to see what combo works best for you.  Good luck!

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