Nails of the Week: Silver Sweet Pea

Hi Bellas,

So I decided to save a few bucks and paint my nails myself this week.  I had plans to get my nails done with the girls for a weekend wedding so I just needed to last about 5 days or so.  I tried out a brand new polish and got some interesting results.  Check it out!

On a weekend trip to Marshalls I saw this adorable Doll House Mini Nail Polish Collection from Ciate.  I've heard of the brand and love minis since I typically don't use that much nail polish to go through full sized bottles.  Plus, the collection was full of light pastels, my fav right now.  The colors are absolutely gorgeous - I'd wear every single one of them.  I decided to cut my nails short again because I'm still trying to start over and rebuild them after months of gel nail polish abuse.  I used a nail hardener base coat and they feel better already.

 I decided to go with Sweet Pea, a pale mint green.  I was shocked to discover the finish is matte.  It's described as a porcelain finish but to me it was more like when you go to the Paint Your Own Pottery stores and the paint dries after a few coats.  It was actually streaky, clumpy and chalky.  I thought, maybe I just have a bad, old batch since I got it from a discount store.  Then I looked online - the reviews pretty much had the same result as me.  
The colors are really pretty but they're difficult to apply, you need at least 2-3 coats for even coverage, and you pretty much need a top coat to even them out.  I used Seche Vite.  My nails looked kinda crazy despite my best efforts so I decided to distract from them I used my Essie Silver Polish to paint some accent nails.  After about two days of wear I already have chips.  I think next time I'm going to try and use a nail polish thinner to help ease the application.  I will get my money's worth out of the set but I don't recommend.

I'll be going back to the salon for another CND Vinylux manicure.  Stay tuned!