Nails of the Week - Goodbye Gel Hello Weekly Polish

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to share you my nails from last week.  I've been consistently using gel polish since April and over time, the gel polish removal process has severely weakened my typically very strong nails.  At the advice of a nail technician, I decided to start over - cut my nails short and switch to this new weekly polish that's got me super excited.  Check it out!

First off, I just loved how gel polish lasted two weeks and never chipped.  It kept my nails looking nice despite my constant use of my hands doing makeup/typing/house work etc.  However, I found over the last few weeks my nails have been breaking constantly and feeling super thin.  But I was introduced to an alternative - CND Vinylux.  This is a weekly polish that is two steps - A Color with built in base coat and then a top coat.  There's not fancy UV light - it applies like regular polish and removes with normal acetone.  For my first go I picked this really neat denim color called Indigo Frock - so chic on short nails.  I decided to cut my nails short to prevent any further breakage and essentially start over.

Here's a shot of me with fresh nails - excuse the shiny film - that's the nail polish drying spray.
I got home and accidentally smudged my nails since they weren't dry - I guess I was used to the gels not smudging at all.  However, I was able to fix it with a little acetone and Seche Vite.
The color lasted about 6 whole days before a bit of chipping on my pinky finger - and this was the right hand only.  I find that you do need to change the color after about a week which I think is pretty darn good considering regular polish chips on the second day for me.
The cost ends up being the same as gel nails if you go in for polish changes.  But to me, it's totally worth having healthy nails that look great despite all of my haniwork - makeup tutorials, housework, typing etc.  I've found this brand at two nails salons already.  I definitely recommend you give it a shot!