Nails of the Week: Married to the Mauve

Hi Bellas,

It had been 8 days since my last manicure using the CND Vinylux weekly polish so it was time for another color change.  I guess I'm ready for Fall because lately i've been picking up some deeper shades.  Check it out!
There were only about 20 CND Vinylux shades for me to choose from and for some reason my eyes kept going back to this shade Married to the Mauve.  It's funny because it totally reminds me of polish my mom used to wear growing up.  But this color to me looks so vintage and sexy.

Here's a shot of my polish change.  How gorgeous would this color be on the lips?  

This time around I paid more attention to the way this product applied for review purposes.  I did notice that this formula does bubble up a tiny bit - I noticed it last time and this time, just small air bubbles on one or two of my nails not really noticeable to anyone but me.  Not really a big deal.  Also, it's not as shiny as gel nails.  However, the color is rich with just two coats.  I noticed the tips of my nails started to wear just a little bit around day 4 - not chipping but just a bit of wear.  But...I was helping out my BF's restaurant doing dishes in the industrial kitchen without gloves, lol, so that might be why.  Next time I think I'll go for a lighter shade since I'll be attending a friend's wedding.  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!