My Top Ten MAC Lip Liners

Hi Bellas,

This is a continuuation of my series of some of my favorite MAC products.  Today I decided to focus again on lips.  Lip Pencils are a must-have in my collection.  They can make any lip color work if you find the right color.  I love how pencils define lips.  Mind you, you still have to blend to make them look good!  And no permanent marker style lips people!

1) Cream O' Spice - Great everyday go to color, warm pinky brown.  I use it for natural looks.  One of my most used pencils.

2) Plum Soft - My favorite pencil for plum/berry looks.  It's the perfect color.
3) Chesnut - Must have for women of color as the pencil that you can pair with everything.  For lighter tones, this makes an awesome liner for deeper lip colors.  Great to make lip colors, especially nudes, more wearable.

4) Cork - This is a must have for medium to dark skin tones.  It's a warm brown that works with pretty much every color.  It's a staple in my makeup bag.

5) Plum/Mahogany/Vino - These darker colors are great to have.  Add a darker lip liner color to a lip shade that is completely off can make anything more wearable.  I also love the way these darker tones look with a red lipstick - totally vamp and fierce!

6) Brick - An awesome liner for red lips.  It's a little bit deeper so it makes bright red a little more flattering.

7) Redd - Speaking of red lips, if you want to go all out with red lips this is the one to go to.  You definitely need a liner to help prevent red lips from feathering and this is a great match for most.

8) Spice - This is a classic color from MAC.  I think the formula changed a bit over time though.  I don't use it too often but I find that it's a great look for that medium tone nude.

9) Stripdown/Oak - You gotta have a nude lip pencil in your collection.  Fill in your lips with one of these and you have a blank canvas that stays.

10) Soar/Beurre/Dervish - These are great pinky brown colors that match a lot of women's lip tones.  Use to naturally define the lips and make them just look better.

11) Magenta - I love this pencil with my fuchsia lip colors.  Gorgeous!
 What are your favorite MAC lip pencils?  Let me know in the comments below!

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