Makeup Artist Series: Storing Makeup Brushes on a Gig

Hi Bellas,

I've been trying to think of some helpful posts, and I think this could be one of interest to my fellow makeup artists out there.  You all know that I have a bit of OCD when it comes to organizing my makeup.  As an artist, you have to pack and unpack your kit efficiently.  On a lot of gigs, you don't always get a lot of surface area to work on.  Also, you need to be able to find your kit items easily and separate dirty products from clean.  I came up with an idea to help you guys store your makeup brushes on a gig.  This is also an idea for those of you who travel a lot.

When I first started doing makeup gigs, I quickly realized the importance of keeping your work area clean and tidy.  Oftentimes, you rush to do faces and you have products everywhere.  It makes it difficult to find items when they're spread around and hiding under one another. 

This is also applies to makeup brushes.  I would take the brush out of my apron or brush roll then lie it on the counter where I'm working.  I do this so that I can keep my clean brushes away from the dirty.  The only problem was that I would spend time looking to see where I put my particular brush.  I realized that I needed a cup to store my dirty brushes.  I like to have two.  First, I'll have one for a current client i'm working on.  When I'm done with that client, I'll put that cup of brushes aside and then get another cup out for my second one.  When I'm done with that client I'll just throw the dirty brushes into the first client's cup so that I have another empty cup for a new client. 

I prefer to keep a lot of brushes with me on a gig so that I can save time and not have to worry about cleaning them.  As a makeup artist you should have at least two sets so that you can switch them between clients.  The cups are a great way to store all of these brushes without taking a lot of room. I've used a lot of different cups and tins over the years but these are my favorite:

Office Max Mesh Jumbo Pencil Cup, Black $3.99
In my home studio I have about 4 of these wire mesh cups from Office Max.  They're really sturdy and I like how they're narrow at the bottom so you can stack them.  I keep these around for when I have clients come over and then I'll stick the dirty brushes in here until I'm finished and until they're ready to be washed.  I don't bring these with me on the road though because they're a bit too wide.

Eve Pearl Cylinder Brush Holder/Case $20
This Eve Pearl brush case is awesome because it's soft sided and collapsible.  It's secured with velcro so you can have two separate holders.  Or you can connect them in order to transport brushes.  This is really great for saving space in your kit.  Just be careful to make sure they're positioned upright and the soft cup is filled out because you don't want them falling over.
9 In Cozzette Vessel $21.50
I bought this Rocky Cozette Vessell after seeing Enkore Makeup rave about it.  I picked it up at IMATS and got to meet the amazing Rocky himself.  These vessels come in 3 sizes.  I picked up medium.  They come in the signature purple color and are made of a lightweight plastic.  The tubes screw together to form a brush case that's tall enough for longer brushes or they can be split into separate cups.  They're great because they're semi sheer so you can see what's in them.  My only gripe is that they do take a bit of room in the kit.

Cylinder Makeup Brush and Tool Case $49.50
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This product was sent to me to review a long time ago.  I really liked it because it's super sturdy.  Better yet, it contains a metal clip so that you can attach it to the outside of your traincase.  This is a big deal because then it doesn't have to take up any room.  The case has a zipper so you can split it into two.  The inside has a little net that keeps your brushes from rocking back and forth.  It's pretty sturdy but just make sure to not unzip it all the way or the pieces will separate.
Sigma Makeup 12 Brush Kit - Make Me Cool - Aqua $99
This is my newest addition.  Sigma came out with their new brush line which comes with a gorgeous brush holder.  I love the look of it, and it has two snaps to hold the brushes together, or they separate into two.  I actually keep this in my home studio to work on clients just because it looks so cute.  Keep in mind, the price also includes the set of brushes.

Hope this helps!  If you have any other tips, let me know in the comments below.

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