What's In My Hair Drawer?

Hi Guys,

This is part two of my "What's In My Drawer Series".  I first featured my body and skincare, now it's time for hair. Today I'll show you all of the hair products I use on a daily basis.

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A few of these products are new.  I haven't tried them yet but I'll let you know what I think. 

-Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray -I do blow dry and curl my hair fairly often so I want to make sure to have a good heat protectant.  I've seen a lot of people use them on YouTube and I like how it's a big bottle.

-Tresemme Fresh Start Hair Deodorizer-I plan on using this with my hair extension to keep them fresh.

-Chi Round brush - I use this for blowing out my hair and having nice bouncy waves.  It really grips your hair without tangling it.
-Mason Pearson Brush Dupe - The other brush is from http://www.brushlove.com/ and it's a dupe of the Mason Pearson brush - I really like it for detangling.  It's a mix of natural and synthetic bristles.  I gotta get around to reviewing this.
-Teasing Brush - I got a boar bristle teasing comb from Bed, Bath and Beyond once.  I really like it because it works better than a comb.  The skinny end is also good for parting hair.

-John Frieda Blond Ligtening Spray-I got this after watching Tiffany D's video.  She uses it to blend in her roots.  My roots are super black so let's hope this works!  I've only used it twice so far.

-Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo -This is my second bottle of this stuff.  I don't wash my hair too often in order to protect the color and not have it be too dried out.  I use this to keep it from oiling up at the roots and keep it fresh.  It also helps to add body.  It's not my favorite dry shampoo but it's very affordable and works pretty good.

-Lucido Hair Curling Lotion - I ordered this online a while ago after watching xxpinkx's blog posts on it.  I spray it before curling my hair and it's supposed to keep the curls.  I'm not sure if it really does, but I use it more as a heat protectant and it smells nice.

-Hair Zone Anti-Frizz Serum-I actually got this a while ago from watching a Pursebuzz video.  It makes my hair really soft.  It's the bottle of blue hair serum in the picture.

-Hair Zone Split End Mender-Unfortunately I have split ends because my hair is chemically dyed...I use this after the shower to keep my hair from feeling like straw and to hopefully seal those split ends.

Other Serums
Hair serums are absolutely necessary for me to use after the shower.  Without them my hair feels like straw.  In addition to the blue Hair Zone bottle I have about 3 other ones...

Hair Spray
I'm not too picky with hair spray.  I have a random one from http://www.folica.com/ that was sent to me as a part of a review.  As long as it smells nice, and doesn't leave white residue, i'm fine.

Hair Accessories
Random Butterfly clilps, hair clips, and hair ties - my hair is long so I need help holding it back most of the time.  I use the the cheap butterfly clips when sectioning my hair for blow drying and curling.  I keep all my hot hair tools under the sink - my hair dryer, curling and flat irons.

What hair products do you live by?  I didn't include my shampoo and conditioners because that's another post!

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