Cover FX Big Cover Kit & Camouflage Concealer Review

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with a much anticipated product review.  Today I will be reviewing the Cover FX Big Cover Kit and their Camouflage Concealers. You've probably heard me mention this product in several of my posts, and also in a few of my before and afters.  This brand has been on my shopping list for a while and I'm sure many of you are curious to see what I thought about it.
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I first started hearing about this brand a year or so ago when their name started popping up at the different makeup shows.  Celebrity Makeup Victoria Stiles also featured this brand in her "Flawless Faces for All Races" Series on YouTube.  After seeing her use the kit on a variety of models with differing ages and ethnicities, I was intrigued.

Box Shot

M Set

B Set

Big Cover Kit
This kit has everything you need to do a complete face.  You have a primer, three colors of foundation to customize your perfect shade as well as powder to set.  This foundation photographs beautifully.

-great coverage 
-three colors allows for shade customization, and highlight and contour
-all in one set - prime, conceal, foundation, and set with powder
-great foundation brush
-primer has skincare serum built in

If you want to purchase all three kits to have the colors, you'll have to get the powder for all three
if you're oily you may need a separate oil control primer.  I was in between shades so i needed both M and B sets

Would I recommend?  Definitely!  This is an awesome pro grade level foundation and unlike most pro lines, it's easily accessible at sephora.  I would suggest this kit to my makeup junkies out there, those of you who are above average makeup wearers.  Those of you that can coutour and highlight or want to learn.  This is most of my blogging audience, he he.  This is also amazing for makeup artists.  I love kits that give you everything you need, thumbs up!

Camouflage Concealer
I totally believe that correctors are an essential part of everyone's makeup collection.  I had the chance to test out the Cover FX Camouflage concealers which have that orangey/salmon tint to help correct under eye circles.  I was excited to try them because they are liquid and I usually just deal with cream correctors.

I love the squeezy tube applicator.  It keeps the products sanitary and easy to get just a tiny bit of product.  They come in a whole bunch of shades which is great so that you can get the perfect one for you.  I got light, medium and deep so that I could mix and match as well.  It covers really really well and you don't need a lot of product...if you look in the video you can see the difference. Note - you can also use these to concealer discoloration on other parts of your face as well!
I wish they had a primary orange shade in their collection for those clients with really dark circles.  Besides that though, the product is amazing!

Would I recommend?  Yes!  This is great for makeup artists and everyday users alike.  I love how it's super accessible as well.

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FTC Disclosure:  Products sponsored for reviewed.  I am not affiliated with the company and not paid to write this review.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.