What's Inside My Beauty Drawer?

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another post.  This one is a little different.  I took a snap shot of my bathroom toiletry drawer.  YouTube beauty guru Kandee Johnson did the same thing and I thought it was pretty interesting.

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This is my messy drawer, lol.  The products are from low to high end and I pretty much use them on a daily basis.

-Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion (it's okay, i'll finish the bottle but I wouldn't repurchase)

-Jan Marini self tanner (really great!)

-Jan Marini eye cream (gotta have an eye cream in your routine)
-daily contacts (keeps my eyes fresh and I like that you can throw them out, reduce the risk of eye infections which I'm prone to)

-Jar of home made shea face cream (i'll do a video on this next time I make more)

-MAC skin refined zone treatment (using it to treat the large pores on my nose, we'll see if it works)

-Secret Deodorant (I only use secret and always go for fresh scents like powder or shower)

-Josie Maran SPF40 (it's okay, a little bit sticky but gets the job done)

-Aveeno Calming Face Wash (good for times when my skin is extra sensitive)

-Kirkland Face Wipes (my favorite!)

-Tatcha Blotting Sheets (use this to absorb excess skin products if i'm touching up or going straight to makeup)

-Colgate Tooth paste

-Glam Balm Wipes (left over from a review, I'm trying to use them up before they dry out)

-Jan Marini Bio Clear (I fell off of using this but my skin has been acting up lately so i'm back on the band wagon)

-Embryolisse Face Toner (great to put on a pad to remove excess makeup)

-Victoria Secret Skin Rush Body Spray (the flavor is cotton candy or something sweet that my boyfriend picked out...I'm too sensitive to wear perfume on a daily basis but this works for me)

-prescription eye drops (like I said, i'm prone to eye infections!)

-Tarte Tinted Moisturizer (I love this stuff...gives me just enough coverage and moisture on a daily basis)

-YSL Parisienne Perfume - As the boo calls it "My Grown Woman" scent lol.  I wear it for when I go out on special occasions.  I can't wear regular perfume on a normal basis because it also gives me headaches :(

This is what I pretty much use on a daily basis.  What are your daily must-haves?

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