Make-Up Artist Series: Tips for Applying Makeup to Oily Skin

Hi Bellas,

I personally have really dry skin, but a lot of my clients and readers ask for recommendations on how to apply make-up on oily skin.  Consider yourselves lucky because oily skin will keep you looking young longer, you just need to know how to control it.  I get this question a lot so I decided to do a post on it.  This is a method which I find works for my oily-skin clients.  You can probably switch out some of the products but these have worked for me.

Here is the process:
  • Start with clean face
  • Moisturize with MAC Oil Control Lotion
  • Use blotting sheet to absorb excess moisture.  I like the Tatcha Blotting Sheets.
  • Use primer - for super oily skin I use Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive.  For less oily skin I use Embryolisse Hydra Matte.
  • Apply Anti-Shine to T-Zone - I use Eve Pearl Anti-Shine
  • Apply foundation and concealer as usual.  Avoid foundations with silicone for oily skin.
  • Set with powder with a regular powder brush.  Then take a powder puff and push powder into the spots that get super oily like the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks.
  • Set with anti-shine, makeup setting spray to preserve makeup- I use Skindinavia or Model in a Bottle
  • Pack some blotting sheets for touch-ups
This is just the way I apply makeup to my clients with oily skin.  After trial and error, I've found this to work the best.  You're good to go!

Do you have any tips for applyig makeup to oily skin?  Let me know in the comments, below.  Happy Friday!

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