Updates & The 2011 Makeup Show in New York

Hi Bellas,

I don't do too many update videos but this one was necessary.  I've had a lot of changes going on and wanted to fill you in.  If you follow me on twitter I've covered this already but I wanted to also reach out to my YouTube and Blog family.  I have some exciting news about the Makeup Show in NY so make sure to check out the short video!

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Check out the video!

Here's a quick re-cap on my life for those of you who can't watch the video:
  • I'm still working full-time but as of January I'm also going back to school for my Professional MBA (Masters in Business) which is why life has been crazy lol.  I'm still doing makeup gigs on my off days and I'm trying to keep up with my blog and videos at the same time.  That's why i've been MIA here and there but i'm trying!  My video software was down for a while but it's working now, I have a month off of school and plan on doing some major video catch up!
  • For my videos, I have a new lighting and video set-up - i'm filming from another part of my studio room and i'm also now using the Glamcor Light kit

  • I'll be attending the Makeup Show in NY May 14th and 15th for the first time and I'll be teaching a class for Graftobian!  The topic will be "What Color Am I?" and i'll show you how to match you or your client's foundation shade.  I'll also be working the Graftobian booth and doing makeovers, stop by and say hi!

Thank you everyone for being patient with me during this stressful time.  I think things are calming down now and I'm learning how to balance everything.  I still have one week of school left till my one month break and I can't wait!  Let me know if you'll be attending the makeup show in the comments below, i'd love to meet you all!

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