My Official Head Shots

Hi Bellas,

Earlier this week, I had a post on how to do makeup for head shots.  Today I'll give you a quick look at the head shots I took.

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We only snapped three pictures and I ended up using the last one.  That was the easiest photoshoot I've ever done!  It helps to live with a photographer, lol.  Thank you to MMFStudios for taking this for me last minute.  You might notice that in this version, my makeup looks a bit more subtle than the shots I took with my own digital camera.  This is because professional lighting can wash makeup out a bit.  That's why it's okay to apply a little bit extra because the final result is more subdued.

Here is the color version:

Here is the black and white version:

If you are attending the Makeup Show in NY in May, you'll be able to see the color version of my picture in the program.  I've gotten a couple of questions on the date and time that I'm teaching my class at the show.  I don't know exactly when I'll be teaching my class for Graftobian but I'll make an announcement when I find out, exciting!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!