Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Big Beauty Buzz - Glamcor Studio Tour

Hi Bellas,

I'm finally back with another video and it's a good one! Thank you for your patience. It's been about a month since my last video. I was having some serious technical difficulties with my video software program. I'm glad to be back with a much anticipated video featuring the most buzzed about line in the beauty industry - Glamcor! This innovative brand has been the talk of the town with their amazing, light, studio, and mobile traincase solutions. I got to take a personal tour of the studio and this is only the 2nd video showing these products.

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It is truly a small world.  The founder of Glamcor, Shana King is based in Atlanta just like me.  She also previously worked with me on A-Design Brushes and we happen to meet again as I was placing an online order.  I feel really fortunate to give you guys a sneak peak at all the amazing Glamcor products.  Enkore Makeup gave you the first video look and this is the second.

Check out the video!

Fortunately the BF came along to get some great product shots.

Large Mobile Studio - comes with an adjustable, lighted LED mirror, international plug outlets,and  an IPOD music player.
The LED lights stay cool which keeps the client comfortable.
A temperature gauge is super helpful to prevent makeup melt down.
The legs are all adjustable.
The traincase can be folded down to fit on the Glamcor trolly.  The square piece on the bottom slides over the trolly's handle.
Here's a shot of the medium (left) vs the large (right)

 Small Mobile Studio - great for weddings and small gigs
Check out the nice hardware.
The inside features the same LED mirror as well as lots of space to fit the glamcor pouches.
The rolling set bag rotates 360 degrees without having to tilt the handle.  You can stock all of the glamcor pieces on top of each other.
Up close shot of the Mobile Studio Bag System -contains the studio set bag and the studio lap bag.
Sneak peak of some of the skincare and makeup that Glamcor will be releasing soon!
Shana King, founder of Glamcor and me.

I actually order the famous Glamcor Light Kit which I'll feature in another post.  I also received the brushes which I will review soon!

The new website launches May 7th.  Meanwhile, you can shop for these products at http://store.glamcor.com/

Stay tuned for more from Glamcor!

FTC Disclosure:  I was invited by Glamcor to tour the studio.  I am not affiliated with the company and not paid to write this post.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

Atlanta Makeup Artist
Atlanta Photographer


Audrey said...

The entire product line up looks so amazing, I want it all!!! So impressed by every little detail they thought of... I mean, iPod speakers???? Seriously??? And the trolley with the 360degree wheels - that is some crazy attention to details.

And those brushes, too!!!!

I want. :)

I'm gonna mention this in a blog post and link back to you...

Janalyn said...

WOW!! The large mobile studio looks soooo awesome!! I need that!!

CopyCat said...

I wish I could afford that :D

jilliandanica said...

The mobile studios are AMAZING. Shana really put SO much thought into every detail that any makeup artist would appreciate. I love how setup and take down is easy and the 4-wheeler bag is just a back savior. I need EVERYTHING. Thanks for a great post Ren!

Aisha said...

Thank you sooo much for this review. I heard the glamcor buzz and ordered the light kit which I received about a week or so ago and I am already loving it! I used it for 2 long shoots this weekend and it was amazing!!I just ordered my mobile studio and I CANNOT WAIT to receive it. I've been dying to see it, and thanks to your detailed review I did! I love the questions you asked and your in depth review - love that you really took the time to go over everything! Thanks, lady!!

Nicole V said...

O..M...G..- I am in love with all of these products. I wish money was no object...at any rate I will be definitely saving up for the mobile studio. Great post Ren- u totally inspire me :)

Amina said...

I am sooooo excited!!

beautybyloretta said...

Do you know how much the mobile studio's are going for? I couldn't find it on their site! Really thinking about purchasing the large mobile studio for work.