Help Me Get Ready for New Years!

Hi Bellas,

It's almost 2011, are you excited?  I'm so ready to take on a whole new year with new opportunities for growth and improvement.  But first of all, there's one little event we need to get through first...New Years Party!  I wanted to share with you all some of the hair, makeup, and clothing choices I'm debating on for tomorrow.  Let me know what you all think!

I ended up ordering three dresses from  I didn't feel like braving the crowded malls.  They have excellent free shipping and I ended up choosing one of the three.  Can you guess which one?

Luckily, all the dresses have an element of black to them, so I'll be wearing a pair of black satin, peep toe heels from Bakers that I rock for special occasions.  They look similar to these:
As for hair, I had ordered some Remy Extensions in the color Iced Coffee from expecting that they'd arrive by tomorrow, but after talking to customer service, no go.  I'm really disappointed because I wanted super thick and long diva hair, but really there are worse things that could happen.  I'll just go au natural for this event!

For my hair style, I wanted something uber sexy and va va voom!  Originally I thought i'd have extensions, but I think my hair is long and thick enough to still do a lot.  I want Maxim Magazine, bed room hair.  I want a lot of volume, loose curls...not sure if I'll have it down or half way up.  Here are a couple of inspiration pictures.

As for makeup, I want something nude and smokey.  Nothing too bright this year.  I haven't quite nailed down a look but I'm thinking shimmer, champagne, and nudes as my inspiration.  Oh and of course, lots of lashes!

Which of these looks do you guys like best?  Leave me your opinion on the comments below.  I'll take pictures tomorrow and post them next week!  I won't be posting tomorrow but I wish everyone one of you an amazing New Years.  

On a personal note:  Your support has truly made this blog what it is today and on top of it all, you've brought me personal happiness and fullfillment that's indescribable.  Thank you for sticking by me in 2010, and I can't wait to see you in 2011!