Dramatic Bridal Trial

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with pictures from another bridal trial. This one is a little different. I got to play with glitter, bright pink lips and rhinestones!

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My bride came to me with a different idea of what wedding makeup should look like.  In her Indonesian culture, they play with dramatic looks for their weddings.  Her Mother-In-Law also had a strong opinion that makeup should be bright and bold so that it would show in photos.

From the movie Monster-In-Law

The bride definitely wanted a smokey eye and her Mother-In-Law definitely wanted bright pink lips (the bride prefers pinks and nudes).  I even had several phone conversations and texted photos with the Mother-In-Law during our trial, lol.  I also tried to exert my opinion as a professional, on what I think would translate best in photos and in person.  Oftentimes, you'll have to deal with different opinions and personalities.  It's like the popular wedding dress show "Say Yes To The Dress".  A professional will be able to correctly assess the best look to make the bride happy.  To deal with the lip issue, I went with a bright pink gloss and applied a bit of the bride's own light pink gloss to the center.  This made the lip bright enough for the Mother-In-Law yet wearable for the bride.

The bride showed me a picture of a friend who actually wore Swarovski rhinestones as a part of her bridal makeup.  The only time I usually do this is with Indian Brides as part of their cultural garb. I agreed to try it on just one side of her eye, but I think we both agreed that it was unnecessary in the end.  Instead, we added a touch of subtle glitter, MAC Reflects Pearl, on top of the smokey eye to give her the bling and shine that she wanted.

Technique wise, the hardest part of working with this bride was getting her eyebrows the way she wanted them.  A crucial part of being a makeup artist is to have the ability to really listen and to adapt your techniques.  Fortunately, makeup is easily wiped away and you can start all over again.  Don't get frustrated, just keep trying till you get it right.  

Hope you enjoyed this bridal trial.  I have more to come, stay tuned!