Sam Fine Inspired Look

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another quick look of the day. Today's look was actually inspired by super awesome celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine. He is definitely a huge source of inspiration for me. If you're on twitter you should definitely try and follow him. He gives lots of great tips for aspiring and pro makeup artists alike.  Pictured is his DVD below, which is definitely on my Christmas list.

Click here to see the look!
I was inspired by a post that I had seen regarding one of Sam Fine's London makeup classes.  Another blogger, Stella from beautifully captured Sam's work on a model during the class.
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He showed the students how to do his signature look.  Right after I read the post, I went and dug into my makeup stash to practice.  I used my own products, some different colors, but his same techniques.  I incorporated his cookie-cutter eye aka the cut crease as well as his contouring methods.  You can check out the super helpful blog post here.  I wasn't even planning on going anywhere that night, but I was inspired to paint my face none the less.  I also used some of his techniques on a recent photo shoot and it came out amazing!

I love being inspired by others to continue to hone my skills and try new things.  Every day strive to learn something new in your makeup game.  That's probably one of the best tips I could give myself or any other artist.  Good luck!