Nisha's Wedding

Hi Bellas,

Happy Monday! I'm back with another wedding post. I love when I work with brides who come to me via word of really is the best form of advertising. This is another Indian wedding where I got to play more with color. I already featured this bride in a previous bridal post, but today I'll show you pictures from the big day.
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Like most Indian Weddings I do, we did two looks.  In the morning, we picked something more natural for the ceremony.  The color palette was pink, plum, and burgundy...a more modern take on the traditional look. During most weddings that I do, it's normal for the photographer to take getting ready shots...we were in such a rush that morning that we didn't have time for all that, lol.  In the end, I mentioned that we needed at least one good shot to the photographer.  He agreed, I held up my brush to her already done face as if I was still doing makeup, and he captured this great shot.

For the evening we wanted to do a teal and gold look that had color but was still sophisticated.  Loved it!  I even helped step in with the hair on this look.  The bride's hair became a bit mussed after she pulled on her top.  A good tip to anyone getting their makeup/hair done is to wear whatever top you're wearing while you're getting made up.  We can always throw a cape around you to protect your clothing.  This time around, I was able to calm the brides nerves and re-curl her side pony-tail.  I'm definitely not a hair stylist but it's great to be able to step in when needed.

Hope you all enjoyed.  I have more wedding posts to come.  Ciao bellas!