Club Eyes

Hi Bellas,

Happy New Year! This is my first post of 2011, yay! I wanted to share with you pictures from New Years but I took the weekend to relax with friends and loved ones. Now I'm geared up and ready for more awesomeness on Makeup By Ren Ren. I'll make sure to have pictures this week of my New Year's Look, as well as my Vision Board for 2011! Meanwhile, I'll go ahead and start off the week with a look I did a few weeks ago featuring MAC's Club eyeshadow.

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MAC's Club eyeshadow is sadly neglected in my eyeshadow collection.  I can probably count how many times I've used it on one hand.  The color is super pretty in the pan, reflecting both brown and green duo0chrome.  However, if you're not careful, the color can look just plain poopy on the lids.

The key to using this shadow is to pick a proper base - brown or green work, you could even try a gold or black.  That way, the colors actually show up on the lid.  In this case, I applied a green base so that more of that color would pop.

I wore this look out to a girls night out dinner.  It's fun to play with color because your girlfriends always notice.  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!