Lavish Blogger Conference Experience

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to share you with you the amazing experience I had at the recent LavishXperience bloggers conference here in Atlanta.  This conference was for lifestyle bloggers and I was lucky enough to be on the Beauty Blogger panel.  I met so many amazing women, was truly inspired, and want to share with you all that I learned.

I truly believe that if you surround yourself with motivated, positive people, you'll be better for it.  I felt that way at this conference.  The LavishXperience was supposed to be an "unconference", an untraditional approach to a blogger's conference that was far from boring.  Unfortunately, I had a really busy weekend and could only attend my session, but next year I'm definitely going to be going to the entire conference.  They had an HGTV hosted party, a wine tasting, several panels and lots more. 

My first dilemma is "What to wear?"  After polling my twitter peeps, I thought a nice sweater dress and heels would do.  Excuse my blurry picture.  The sweater dress was a last minute purchase from Ross.  I paired it with a black belt to cinch in the waist and some hot purple shoes from Shoedazzle.

Here's a better shot of the shoes.

Now what to do for hair and makeup?  I decided to keep it fresh and pretty.  My panel was Saturday morning at 10am so I wanted to look done but not overdone.  I went for neutrals and glowy skin.  For my hair, I used a curling iron and brushed out the curls to give me soft waves and extra volume.

I was on a panel with celebrity makeup Artist Nyssa G, also founder and owner of the Green Agency here in Atlanta.  She also has a blog and youtube.

For our panel round table, "I am a Product Junkie:  Therefore I Blog", we wanted to keep it very casual and interactive.  This was actually a great idea because everyone in our audience was able to participate and we were able to all learn from each other.  There were new bloggers, more experienced bloggers, and even some PR and Marketing people that attended the session.

Here are some of the best tips that came from the session:
  • Come up with a PDF with your information as a blogger, and why you would appeal to PR and clients - include your hit statistics, blogger accomplishments, etc.
  • Have your own voice on your blog, find what makes you original
  • Blog consistently
  • Use other social media sites like Twitter and YouTube to gain exposure

I want to thank the Shameeka from the Broke Socialite for putting on this amazing event.  She's a huge Atlanta blogger that put this conference together single-handedly.  Also a special thank you to my girl Latoicha from Luxe Tips for referring me to be on this panel, thanks so much!  Make sure to check out her amazing blog!

I'll definitely keep you all posted on details for the conference next year.  A lot of people flew in from around the country and it was truly an awesome experience worth attending.  Oh and guess what, I heard Ryan Reynolds was spotted in the elevator of the hotel where the conference was at.  So sad I missed that, lol.  Ciao bellas!