Avoid Shadow Fall-Out - CUES Review

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another review.  I had the chance to try out these nifty gadgets which help protect you from dreaded eye shadow fall-out.  These products were also included in the gift bags for the Soul Train Awards.  It's my first time hearing about this product and of course I want to make sure you guys know about it too!

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We all love a smokey eye, but it really stinks when eyeshadow fall-out messes up your concealer and foundation.  In the past, I've tried the Sephora Shadow Shields which consist of a small cloth pad with sticky edges that you stick under the eye to catch fall-out.  It works okay, but the sticky part can remove concealer and foundation underneath...which kind of defeats the whole purpose.

The CUES (Clean Undereye Shields) are similar but instead of relying on a sticky surface, you simply use water.  Eye cues are small tissue paper cut-outs.  You position it under the eye and it sticks to the skin with a few drops of water.  When applying eyeshadow, the tissue catches fall-out.  When you're done, you just peel it from your eye.  I tried it and it did stick like it said...however, I noticed that after the water dries, if you touch the eye cue, it might just fall off.  I don't think i'd use these on myself but I can see myself using it on gigs where I need to do quick turn around like weddings or fashion shows.

How to Use cues™.

Using cues™ is quick, easy and the result is fantastic. No more sparklies on your cheeks, no more "raccoon eyes", just clean eye make-up leaving your face glowing and natural.

Follow these simple steps to get a fresh, new look to your beautiful face:

Apply your eye cream and concealer as you normally would before
applying make-up. Grab your box of cues and your eye make-up.

Dab some water along the straight edge on one side of a single cues
and apply just under the eye to keep cheeks clear of residual eye make-up.

Apply your eye make-up as you normally would and repeat the process
for your other eye. Remove cues™ and you're done!

-Light weight on the eyes
-Easy to use
-No Adhesives
-Does help with fall-out
-Does not remove concealer underneath

-If you happen to touch the eye cue when the water has dried, it falls off easily.
-The material seems like regular tissue paper-you might be able to make these yourself

Would I recommend?  If you have a problem for fall-out this might be for you.  They're easy to use, disposable and affordable.  I received this product for free so I'll definitely use it, but I'm not sure if i'd purchase again.

You can find this product at http://www.cleanundereyeshields.com/ 
A 60 day supply will run you $19.99

FTC Disclosure:  Product provided for review.  I was not paid to write this review and am not affiliated with the company.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

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