Titi's Fall Wedding

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another wedding post.  I made over the bride of one of my good friends from college, as well as two of her bridesmaids and a flower girl.  It wasn't just a gig for me, but a really great experience to catch up with old friends.  

First off, the area for makeup and getting ready was huge!  The venue was at a recreation center and we had a massive area with mirrors and counters to get ready - this is a huge plus for a makeup artist.  That way, I can spread out my stuff easily and not worry about being cramped.

My best friend Alex also came to help out.  She did the makeup for the flower girl who was adorable beyond words.  I also did Alex's makeup for the wedding but I forgot to get a picture of it.

I started working on the bridesmaids first.  They were wearing Navy Dresses and silver shoes.  I decided to go for something light and pretty - we went for a light gray on the eyes and pink lips.  Just a nice, clean look appropriate for a fall wedding.  The light washed out the makeup a bit in these before and after's but you can see the makeup better in the pictures below.

For the bride, we had agreed to go for burgundy/copper eyes and berry lips.  I always try to do a different look for the bride...something special just for her.

Bridesmaid and flower girl shot, don't they look like they're having fun?
Bridesmaid - you can see the dress here.

I like how you can see the makeup better in this shot.
Bride and bridesmaid
Hope you all enjoyed!  I have more bridal pictures and posts coming soon!