Bridesmaid Makeup - Simple Silver with Polished Skin

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another bridal post.  This time around, I had a client that came to wanting to get her makeup done for her friend's wedding.  She was a bridesmaid and wanted to make sure she looked great too.  Interestingly enough, she didn't go with the artist the bride hired.  Instead, she picked me because she had seen my work online and liked it.  I've also done a lot of Asian Bride (she's half Asian, half Caucasian) and she wanted someone who could match her skin.  

My main goal with my client was to even out her skin tone.  She had a good amount of redness and acne scarring and I wanted to give her perfect skin for wedding photos as well as to look great in person.  I find that when you need a lot of coverage that looks natural, airbrush makeup works wonders.  I first start by concealing her skin with a cream foundation (I used Cinema Secrets).  The key is to match her actual skin tone.  In this case, her face was much paler than her body, so to compensate I used a darker airbrush foundation (Kett Cosmetics) on top to match her chest.  As a makeup artist or even a savvy makeup user, it's important to see what the client is wearing to make sure that you know what to match.  In this case, she wore a formal dress that showed her chest and arms...if she had a turtle neck, I wouldn't need to worry about darkening her foundation.

For her eyes, I pulled out my beloved MAC Smokey eye palette.  We went for simple silver eye which would complement the dress, give her a polished look, but not take away from the bride.  

Stay tuned for more wedding and bridal pictures.  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!