Posh Firm control powder brush

Hi Bellas,

So last night I was totally planning on getting some makeup stuff done…this included doing my solar bits look and tutorial. But of course I got sidetracked! Not only am I still exhausted from my trip, but i've had makeup stuff every night this week.

So sorry I’ll have to put that look on hold. So until I catch up with the rest of my posts…I’ll take this opportunity to give a review on a product I’ve had the opportunity to play with for the last few weeks.

Posh Firm Control Powder Brush

A few weeks ago I did a review on a 5 piece Posh Travel Brush set. I saw a few of the full sized brushes that I really wanted to try. One in particular was the firm control powder brush. When I contour with my sculpt & shape duo, I always use the MAC 168.

It’s a white haired angled blush brush that fits right into the hollows of my cheeks. I really love it, but I needed a back up that doesn’t cost a whopping $32.

Posh has a brush online that looks just like it. It’s called the White Angle Blush Brush.

I decided to go back to Bed Bath & Beyond to see it in person. In person, I noticed that it was a lot smaller than I expected. The head of a brush also looked a little flimsy.

After a bit of deliberation, I decided to try out the Firm Control Powder Brush instead. It too has an angled head and seems a lot more firm and full than the other.

The brush is listed as $20 online, $9.99 at bed bath & beyond. With my nifty 20% off, it ended up being an affordable $7.99.

I went home and shampooed and conditioned the brush. There was no shedding or bleeding. There is however, a bit of an odd smell. You might need Enkore's Deodorizing method for this one. I noticed the same with my Posh Kabuki brush. After letting it dry over night, I began to incorporate it into my makeup routine. I actually used the brush in my up and coming Kat Von D tutorial. The bristles are soft yet dense. It really creates a strong contour line where you need it. You just have to be careful to blend out the edges as the makeup is applied more heavily than with my 168, which is a fluffier brush.

In all, for $7.99 it’s a pretty good buy. I use this on myself with no problems. I use it everyday for contouring. I really like how the bristles are firm and don’t feel cheap and flimsy. I haven’t tried out too many other angled blush brushes though. Essence of Beauty has a very affordable angled blush brush that seems like a good dupe. Have any of you tried it?

In the meanwhile, next time you’re at Bed Bath & Beyond, break out that 20% off coupon and check this brush out.