Happy Birthday Cancers!

Hi Bellas,

So today is the big 25, whewww! I would also like to wish a happy happy birthday to Alien Man as well...because our mamas decided to have us on the same day. There are also a few other bloggers who have birthdays this week so I want to say happy birthday to you too! Today is going well so far...I didn't take off of work because Tuesday is such a random day. I'm also taking off the Monday after 4th of July for my mini vacay back home to Orlando.

Tonight I have dinner plans with the boyfriend. He already surprised me with flowers this morning...he left a dozen white roses in my kitchen with a note that said "For my friend..." and then when I got into my car this morning, there was another dozen red roses with a note that said "For my lover...". He's on point so far...I can't wait for what he's got in store this evening.

With that said...I haven't got really anything makeup related. I've been re-organizing and packing my traincase for my wedding gig this weekend--7 bridesmaids, I gotta pack smart!

I've been trying to think of a fun makeup look to wear to dinner tonight, do you guys have any recommendations?

Love you all!