M.A.C Cool Heat has got me buzzing...

Hey Bellas,

Well I'm currently at work...of course I had to stop by my MAC freestanding store today to pick up Cool Heat. Oh my gosh, I loveeeeeeee the eyeshadows. Talk about gizorgeous!

This isn't my full entry, but I couldn't resist on telling you how much I love this new collection. It's definitely my fav of the last few collections...including Neo Sci-Fi, Naughty Nauticals, Fafi...

If you like bright blues and teals, this is the one for you. I got to work and even put on eyeshadows with my fingers while sitting at my desk, lol...I was just that excited!

I even ran into one of my youtube subscribers at the MAC store, how cool was that! That was my first time :) I think I was more excited than she...she said she recognized my voice, ha ha.

Well....back to work...I'll probably film my haul video tonight and look video tomorrow...stay tuned!