Products I'm Loving RIght Now...

Hi Bellas,

I decided to do a little post on some items I’m really loving...some of them you may have seen me use in a video or two but I haven’t dedicated a blog entry or entire video to them. I tried to pick products that aren't from brand new MAC collections since EVERYBODY is excited about them, lol.

First off…

Mario Badescu Drying Cream

I got the samples in the mail like everyone else. Some of them are okay, some are pretty good. In particular, I love the drying cream. I know everybody has already tried it but I'm just getting onto it. It comes in a 5 gram sample jar and I think that it will be enough to last me for months. You really don’t need a lot. I probably use a drop the size of a pin head and place it directly on spots I want to cover. I usually don’t break out, but for some reason I’ve recently gone through a period where I had more than usual. I had a bump on my nose which was a pimple that hadn’t yet surfaced. I put the drying cream on there, and after two days it had disappeared. I never even saw the actual pimple because I got to the root first. On an actual pimple, I used the drying cream every night and morning and it went completely away after 3 days. I usually would leave it alone and it would take a week or more to disappear. I probably wouldn’t order the entire jar of drying cream but I love the sample!

Oil of Olay Thermal Foot Scrub

Okay, I’ll be first to admit that I’ve been slacking on my pedicures. I used to be on the ball but funnily enough everything took a back seat when makeup came back into my life. My skin isn’t like it used to be – baby soft and no calluses. As the years progress I have to put some work into getting my feet presentable. In the past I’ve used the pumice stones and various scrubs but they all take a lot of work and time. This Oil of Olay stuff is the bomb. You dampen your feet and then massage the scrub in. I know it’s called a Thermal scrub but I didn’t expect it to heat up so much when it hit my foot, it was awesome! As I rubbed it in I really felt the dead skin sloughing off. It won an award for best drugstore product of the year in its category, now I understand why.

MAC Tendertones

I feel like this Collection was really slept on. Right now I only have two. I kind of want more but I’ll just exercise some self-restraint on this one. In my purse I have Tread Gently, which is the lime/yellow colored one. I love it! The consistency is very emollient, almost like Rosebud Lip Salve. I like this better though because it smells like strawberry kiwi. It also has SPF 12 which is defintely a plus. When you put it on it comes off pretty sheer but makes your lips look like they glow and look really juicy because of the tint and little sparkle flecks. I’ve been going through some lip issues lately—my lips have been dryer than usual and they start to hurt if I don’t have some kind of lip product on them. I prefer this since I can get as much product as I need and it’s super moisturizing. I like the feeling of being able to rub my lips together and it being super emollient. I also keep Hush Hush, which is described as a sheer gold with yellow gold pearl, in my makeup drawer. If I actually wear makeup out, I’ll put this on instead of lipstick or lipgloss because it has just enough color. Good stuff!

ELF Bronzer in Warm Tan

Okay, I know we all have mixed feelings about ELF products. A few months ago I order about $30 worth of products. I thought, hey, this would be great to build my kit! Unfortunately 90% of the items remain unused. What I did use was the clear lash and eyebrow gel and I kind of just threw the bronzers in my kit. There are only three shades or bronzers, and they’re really skinny compacts that fit into my kit pretty well. I kind of neglected them for a while, but I gave them a second chance recently. The only problem is that when you dip your brush into it, a lot of product flakes off. You definitely have to tap excess off your brush and compact. I guess this is why it’s a dollar. However, the color goes on really smooth and even. I like Warm Tan for my complexion, which is the darkest one. It really makes a great contour/bronzing color. I use it with my Coastal Scents Pink Deluxe Buffer Brush and the two are a match made in heaven. I make sure to only use a small amount of the bronzer so it doesn't look overdone. I’m actually wearing the bronzer in my Cool Heat and Solar Bits video. I would definitely re-buy this.