Update Video and Thank Yous

Hi Guys,

I decided to do a quick video on my thoughts of my progress over the last 7 months. It's hard to believe that I just started this blog and my youtube page in November/December-ish of last year. Everyone has been so supportive of me...and I wouldn't have come this far without my blogging family.

Here's a quick two minute video with some thoughts on the year...as well as my birthday weekend makeup! I'm also wearing my new dress from this really great store called Metro Park...do you guys have that around you? It's one of those really funky urban/rock clothing stores...with brands like Ed Hardy...Obey Clothing, Lamb...etc. It's actually a tube dress but I wore a black long sleeve shirt under because my boobies kept popping out, lol. Anyways, here's the video!

Thanks again to all of my blogging family...like I said in the video, I wouldn't have been able to get where I am today without you. I check each blog listed on my blog roll nearly everyday. I've learned so much from you guys and have been inspired to no end...thanks for everything!