What I'm Excited About Right Now...

Hi Bellas,

So I decided to do a post to show you where my mind is at right now. There are a couple of things I’m really getting excited about in the next few weeks.

For one, June 24th is my birthday, woo hoo! I’m turning the big 25, quarter century baby! To me, this is a landmark birthday, finally marking the point where I’m for real an adult now, lol. I can rent cars without that nasty underage fee and get a break on my car insurance. It’s funny, because when I was little I always thought I would be married at 25. Boy, what was I smoking? LOL

So far, the only things planned for the big birthday are:
1) Getting my hair done, finally! The BF is going to pay for it as part of my gift. I want the whole shebang – cut, base dye, highlights, and blow out. I only get my hair done like 3 times a year so I have to do it all over each time. I’m trying to grow back my hair longer again. I miss it! I realized that I just don’t know how to manage and style shorter hair. It pretty much stays in my stumpy pony tail. Right now, it’s already at my shoulders, luckily it grows fast. Hopefully within the next two weeks you’ll see my new ‘do. When I get it done, I’m going to take professional head shots for the makeup by renren business.
2) Going to get my nails done, woo wee! LOL. I’ve totally slacked on this…I haven’t gotten my nails done since my birthday last year. Can you believe that? Before that, I was at the nail salon every month getting my spa pedicure and manicure. That was also before makeup came back into my life and sucked all my extra cash! This is going to be a present to myself. I’m thinking bright yellow nailpolish on my feet. Pursebuzz had it on one of her entries and it was too cute!
3) Fourth of July weekend—I’m going back home to Orlando and bringing the BF with me. Fortunately my parents are there, so we can save money on lodging and food. I already know my mom is going to throw down in the kitchen. My BF and I usually take trips together and we haven’t gone anywhere this year. He came home with me for Christmas but we were really only in Orlando for 2 days because I couldn’t get enough time off of work. This time will be better so I can show him more of my hometown.
4) Orlando MAC Pro store –Yall know that when I’m home I’ll definitely make a trip to the MAC Pro store in the Millenia mall. I already warned the boyfriend. Unfortunately I never really was into MAC like I am now back when I was living in home--so I missed out!

I already have my list:
-mixing medium – water based
-matte texture
-crème color bases- white and black (great for contouring darker skin tones), and we’ll see if any other bases catch my eye
-pro blush palette with pro blush colors—so far I’m eyesing azalea and apple red, I’ve heard good things about them on Specktra.
-15 pan pro palette with the following pro eyeshadows – ground brown, soot, symmetry, deep damson, cobalt, rose, plum, lime (last time I was there I think I got the rest of the pro shadows but these ones were out of stock)
-shadester and sculpt shaping powder in pro pan(to put in my kit), I’ll need to take a look at one more for darker skin tones…any recs?
-I’ll take a look at the lippies as well – any recs for the pro line?

I've been making lists on post-its everywhere trying to get ready for this trip, lol. If you guys who are lucky enough to be near Pro Stores have any further recommendations, holler at a sister!