M.A.C Makeup - Cool Heat Haul and Swatches

Hey Hotties,

So as you know, yesterday I went during my lunch break to my local M.A.C freestanding store to pick up the Cool Heat collection. I usually go during lunch during the day of the release to make sure I can get my hands on the goodies. For the Neo-Sci Fi collection I wasn’t on the ball and went a few days later...lol...which might not seem like a big deal but to me I felt like a slacker. I definitely feel a responsibility to my blogging and youtube community to get my videos and reviews out on new M.A.C collections asap. With that said...I was really good...I got home last night and filmed my video, edited it, and uploaded to youtube. Woo hoo!

Here’s the video...I didn’t have time to take pictures of swatches but my girl Nessa has some great pics on her site, check her out!

A few thoughts on the collection...

I love all the eyeshadows...I mean all of them! Some are higher on the list than others, but I can see myself using all of them. I’ll definitely be rocking the teal eye look for the next couple of weeks!

Here’s my breakdown of each color:

Warm Chill: A soft aqua color-comes off sheer but when you build the layers, it looks awesome with the other teals. In the video, I got confused and didn’t mention it, but this is what I was actually wearing on my inner third of the lid.

Climate Blue: Beautiful color! It’s a rich, purplish blue color...more purple than blue...and it has little violet shimmers in it. It’s definitely a color not easily duped. Others have mentioned it to be chalky. I haven’t really noticed a problem so far.

Cool Heat: This is a color I wanted from the very beginning. It’s a vibrant teal...kind of like Big T. So gorgeous, love it!

Warming Trend: Gorgeous neutral color. A shimmery light brown. Great for all over lid/summer color. It’s definitely one of those colors that’s a good basic for anybody’s collection. To me it just screams bridal makeup.

Solar White: This looks whitish pink in the pot, but swatches to a pretty goldish cream color. This would make a great highlight, tear duct, or lid color. It’s a better ricepaper in my opinion.

Blue Flame: Like I mentioned in the vid, this is Deep Truth’s fraternal twin. If you have deep truth you probably don’t need it. I just got caught up in the excitement! I think Deep Truth is a little darker with more shimmer where Blue Flame is a bit brighter in color with subdued shimmer.

Gulf Stream: If you love teal, you must get this! It looks great on it’s own, and probably even better with a base. This seems like a sell-out color.

I also picked up a few slimshines:

Gentle Simmer: My fav lip product right. It looks like I’m wearing a frosty lipgloss but it’s just the slimshine on it’s own. To me, this is a plus because sticky lipglasses are not fun in the summer. I'm also going through this dry, sensitive lip stage and slimshines are perfect for both color and moisture.

Tropic Glow: This reminds me of a Barbie pink but a bit more sheered out. I’m not sure about this one...I’ll try it with a bit of lipliner underneath and see how it goes.

High 90’s: This once surprised me. It’s more pigmented than the others. A vibrant coral color...Honestly, I just like anything that is bright so I grabbed it. I probably should have tried it on first, oh well! I’ll try a lipliner with this too because on it’s own it doesn’t look right on my skin tone. Oh, and definitely pair it with a chapstick as a primer, cuz it showed all my lip ruffness and lines, lol, ewwww.

Other random items...
While I was there I also picked up refills of Brush Cleanser, Fix +, and for the first time cleanse off oil. I had read good things about it and I tried it for the first time last night. I love it! It’s not a thick oil like I thought it would be. It’s kinda a watery, clear consistency but when you put it on your face it suds and took everything off, including mascara. That’s more than I can say about my MAC wipes. It was a little messy though, but it does the job. I’ll probably do a more thorough review on that later.

By the way, yesterday I went to this event here in Atlanta called the Celebrity Style Lounge. You pay an entry fee and it’s in the ballroom of a fab hotel. You get free cocktails and they have all these vendors catering to women-fashion, shoes, beauty, massages, and candy! Let’s say I picked up an awesome, drool-worthy brush set from a-design. It’s originally $250, but I got it for $100, it was a steal! I’ll do a review after I’ve washed and tried it out separately. I’m so excited to go home and try them out. Here’s a sneak peak at one of the brushes in the set...isn’t it gorgeous? It’s the pointed head foundation brush, alone it retails for $32!

Till next time, ciao bellas!