Recap: Zombies and Pixies Halloween Workshop

Hi Bellas,

Happy Halloween Weekend!  I wanted to share with you a recap of my recent Halloween Workshop at Industry Makeup Academy.  It was a lot of fun showing my students how to create FX and theatrical techniques to prepare them for Halloween.  I did makeup for both ends of the spectrum, gore and glam.  Maybe this can help you throw together a last minute Halloween Costume this weekend. 
 Check it out!

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The first look I did was a Zombie.  In my workshop I showed a bunch of different techniques to get the zombie look including:

  • Stretch and stipple technique with liquid latex
  • Covering the brows with glue stick
  • Drawing in veins with eyeshadow
  • Blood splatter with stipple sponges
  • Rough skin with liquid latex
  • Crusty mouth with fake blood and oatmeal
  • Hole in skin using liquid latex and tissue paper
  • Decaying nose using gelatin and fake blood
  • Bruising using cream color wheels

Zombie makeup is fun.  You just have to keep stepping back and taking a look at your work to add touches of blood, bruising and veins to keep making the look awesome.  

Next, I completely flipped the script and went for a glam, pixie look.  This makeup is learning how to manipulate face paint.  I used a water activated face and body paint by graftobian.  The key is getting the right amount of water to mix with the product to get an even, opaque coverage on the skin.  I also used the following techniques in this look:

  • Blocking out and redrawing eyebrows
  • Cut crease eyeshadow
  • Glitter application
  • Double liner
  • Highlighting and contouring with bright colors
  • Ombre Lips
  • 3d application of glitter and gold foil
  • Lash application
  • Blending and shading
The key to this look is learning how to get full rich color, and blend different shades and textures on top of it.  Using a face paint helps achieve rich pigment and then topping it off with various makeup mediums just turns the look into art.

Hope you enjoyed my recap.  If you can think of any last minute Halloween Makeup looks you'd like me to try, let me know!

All the makeup used in these looks is from  Use coupon code Halloween for 10% off.