Client Makeover: Deep Skin Tone Glow

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another makeover!  I gave my client a gorgeous, nude makeover for her mom's big birthday party.  I just love how she glows after.  For my beautiful brown skin girls out there, this one is for you!
Image result for temptu airbrush foundation
I love getting repeat clients.  I originally made my lovely client back when she was getting married.  Turn forward a few years and we're both chatting about married life, love it.  My client wanted a look to go with a smoking hot red dress she was rocking.  She didn't want to do a red lip, so I went with a sexy brown nude using my Viseart Nude Lip palette.

On her eyes I winged out her liner and gave her some wispy lashes that give a cat eye effect.  The skin is Temptu airbrush foundation.  I used a couple of shades to highlight as well and it gave the effect of a gorgeous dewy look.  

Hope you all liked the makeover.  I wish I had gotten a before and after.  I've been getting a lot more into freelance lately and hope to show you many more makeovers to come.