Halloween Makeup: Harley Quinn - Suicide Squad

Hi Bellas,

I love Halloween Makeup because you really can have fun really trying out unconventional techniques and crazy looks.  Today's look is a balance between glam and gore.  I decided to do my take on the Harley Quinn Suicide Squad look by adding a little extra glitter and dirt lol.  Yes I know there are a lot of other tutorials out there but this one is a little different - I was inspired by a cartoon drawing I found online which I thought was much different than other tutorials I found out there.  This was such a fun look to do, check it out!

Check out the video!

This look definitely has a lot going on lol.  First off, with the eyes, I did a rough cut crease by applying vibrant eyeshadows to the lids and then drawing in a higher crease and smoking it out.  I love popping a white in my waterline along with a smokey liner underneath to make the eyes look bigger.  Another cool trick is to draw in lashes with a gel liner on the top and lower lashline.  This really adds to the cartoony vibe I wanted for the look.

The blue contacts are from www.pinkyparadise.com .  If you order for them order now or get expedited shipping because they take a while to ship.  Around the eyes I used Graftobian Glitter Glam, an awesome liquid glitter that really gives a fun shine to the look.  Plus it's much neater than using a loose glitter, absolutely no fall out.  Speaking of shine, I used Urban Decay Polyester Bride eyeshadow to really give a glow to the look, highlighting my tearducts, nose and forehead and chin.

On the lips, I used a deep berry liner from Urban Decay and Ofra Cosmetics Atlantic City liquid lipstick.  Use coupon code MakeupByRenRen to get 30% off at www.ofracosmetics.com.  To further dirty up the look, I used a regular black eye pencil around the lips.

The wig is from Amazon here.  I just took out some pieces of hair to make it a little messier and put it back in pig tails.  The Shirt is also from Amazon here.  I'd rock this costume with black shorts, fish nets and wedge sneakers and call it a day!