Halloween Makeup: Wonder Woman - Justice League

Hi Bellas,

It's time for Halloween Makeup Tutorial #3!  I decided to give you all more of a glam look for those subscribers who are pulling out the sexy Halloween costumes this year.  When I saw Wonder Woman make her appearance in Superman Vs Batman I was instantly obsessed.  I knew that I wanted to recreate this gorgeous character for Halloween.  What a great group costume idea.  Check it out!

Check out the video!

The trickiest part of this look is to create the crown on the forehead.  Instead of overpaying for the headpiece I decided to paint it on.  First, you make the outline with black pencil and fill it in with a greenish gold pencil.  I used the Graftobian Pro Pencils in Jade Tiger and Black Velvet.  Next you clean it up by darkening the lines with Graftobian Pro Paint in Raven Black and add a burnt gold pigment over the gold base.  Add a few streaks of white to highlight the crown and shade underneath the crown to add a 3-D effect.

If you have dark brown hair, rock it with a few loose waves.  I purchased an affordable brown wig from Amazon like this one here.

I found that the only accurate Justice League Wonder Women costumes were extremely expensive.  To save some cash on the costume I tried finding something similar.  Apparently, the Steampunk movement has a ton of similar brown corseted tops.  I got mine from Amazon here.  

Pair it with dark shorts and boots and you're good to go!  Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial.  More coming soon!