Halloween Makeup: Suicide Squad El Diablo Skull Makeup

Hi Bellas,

Y'all ready for Halloween tutorial #2?  This look looks pretty creepy but actually is pretty simple to accomplish.  I am really lucky to have a super supportive husband who is willing to be my model for the El Diablo Suicide Squad tutorial.  He already has a bald head so I get to skip the bald cap application.  Check it out!

Check out the video!

First off, the costume itself is pretty simple if you can find an orange jail jumpsuit.  It took a bit of searching but I found one on Amazon for a good deal here.  Next get yourself some black liner or in this case, I used my favorite Graftobian Pro Paint in Raven, a water activated Face and Body Paint.  You can apply it wet and then take a dry brush and blend out the edges to get the super cool shaded look.

The good thing about this makeup, is that if you mess up you can just wipe off your mistake and start again since you're not too worried about the makeup underneath.  My husband isn't wearing any base or foundation, just the black makeup.  The only exception is that I applied a lighter foundation on his top lip so that the drawn on teeth would pop out a little bit more.

I also blocked out his eyebrows using glue stick as well as Graftobian Modeling Wax and Flexible Wax Sealer.  Then I powdered them and used the Graftobian Neutral # 3 foundation palette to conceal over the brows - this is an awesome palette for deeper skin tones.

The trickiest part of the this look was drawing on the tattoos along the jaw line and chin. I practiced it a few times on myself first and as I always say, practice makes perfect!  This was a fun look to do...stay tuned for another halloween makeup tutorial from Suicide Squad coming soon!